Tysomeones? What is that?

About the blog

Ty (pronounced tee) someones are people in their twenties and beyond who are doing great things. Where did the ty come from? Twenty something. Thirty something. Forty something. Fifty something. Sixty something. Seventy something. Eighty something. Ninety something. You get it. Except… we are not somethings we are someones. Alas, we have the name tysomeones.

Over my Christmas break I heard two people say dismissive comments about people in my generation. One person said that my generation was lost. The other one said that people in their twenties are only good for texting. Now I may not have my whole life mapped out and I certainly send my fair share of texts, but I was  offended. I know a ton of twenty somethings who are doing wonderful things.  In fact, I know of  so many young people doing great things that I decided to start a blog about it. Now, for all you 30, 40,50,60,70,80, and 90 someones-your time will come. I will first highlight the 20 someones and then make my way up the generational ladder.  In the meantime, sit back, relax, read, and appreciate. After all, the 20 someones may be fabulous, but we owe a lot to the ones who taught us.

Five  reasons why you might like this blog:

1. You are in your twenties and doing something great.

2. You are old and want to see someone young doing something great.

3. You are young and want someone to look up to.

4. You think people in their twenties are lazy or entitled and you’re begging this blog to prove you wrong.

5. You think Newsweek should have included you on their list of people to watch. You are a tad bit bitter and this blog just might highlight you and your life.

About the author     

I am the founder and interviewer behind tysomeones.com.  I moved to Atlanta after graduating with two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Michigan.  Growing up my mom use to tell me “Remember Robin, there are way more good people than there are bad.”   My goal is to recognize people of all ages who are doing good things and if my mom is right (which she always is) there are a lot of people out there who I need to highlight.After all, why are the biggest stories oftentimes about people who do wrong? When I got older I asked my mom how she came up with this theory. “Robin” she replied. “I just know.”  That was it. There was no study and nobody was interviewed. Consider this blog my research.


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