twenTY someone: Keller Blincoe

Hometown:Atlanta, GA

College:University of Kansas

Age: 23

Occupation: Gloriosa at Serenbe Special Events Manager 

1. Describe your job in three words: eventful (no pun intended), dramatic, unique.

2. Did you always know you wanted to be an event planner? No, not at all. I knew I always like to attend parties, but never thought I would be organized enough to actually plan them. Now that I know the amount of work it takes to actually  put on an event, it makes me appreciate every aspect of the event itself -especially the details! Being an event planner is really fun, but it is also pretty stressful. You are responsible for making sure it all comes together and when something falls through the cracks you are the one that has to take the blame. If anything, being an event planner, especially working with brides…I have gained more patience and learned to take criticism well.

3. A great party must have : alcohol(laughs). I’m kidding, great company.

4. The best party you’ve ever been to was: That is tough because attending a party and throwing a party are two completely different things. The best party I attended…tie between Sam Stein’s Bar Mitzvah at Fernbank Museum and the Piedmont Ball in 2009. Gloriosa recreated Prince Charles’ Highgrove Garden for the Piedmont Ball and it was an absolute dream.

5. One perk of your job? One perk is the work atmosphere. Everyone at Gloriosa is a team and we all support each other to ensure the events’ success. I am lucky to be able to work with such creative visionaries. I am always blown away by the ideas my co-workers come up with whether it be a culinary expression, floral creation, or design focal point. Being surrounded by creative people constantly inspires new ways of approaching events such that no event is alike. Being able to take a client’s idea and make it come to life is such a rewarding and  fun process.

6. You indulge in:Chips and dips. They are my absolute favorite thing and I essentially subsist off of them.I want an active chip and dip station at my wedding one day. No really! Black eyed pea hummus, a variety of salsas, spinach and artichoke brulee, fig ricotta bruschetta- you name it.

7.Craziest request from a bride? I am constantly blown away by the requests I get from clients. One of the craziest requests I ever got was from a bride whose wedding was in May at an outside venue. She wanted turtle doves in antique bird cages to serve as the table centerpiece. As ridiculous as I thought this sounded, we worked hard to accomplish it. I outsourced around thirty doves and put them in these very cool, eclectic birdcages. Well with the heat and ventilation, some of the birds started to die on the tables. Not only were some birds dead, but they were also pooping ten inches away from your food plate. Lesson learned: no live animals will ever be part of a table centerpiece again.

8. You throw extravagant parties, but what brings you back down to earth?  I enjoy planning these over the top events, however I think what has helped keep me grounded is my trip to Haiti in March 2011. I went to Haiti, LaGonave Island specifically, for a mission trip with my family and eight other volunteers. We spent our time passing out routine medicines and clothing, in addition to spending time with the children. It was such a humbling experience as the people in Haiti have so many everyday challenges to overcome. I am amazed at how they do it. My trip truly made me  realize how lucky I am and to really appreciate all the blessings in my life.

9.What do you do in your free time? During my free time I now play with my golden retriever puppy, Wynnie. I have only had her for three weeks and she is a handful to say the least. If  I’m not hanging out with her, I am hanging out with my friends, traveling, going to dinner, relaxing and trying to live the life of a twenty-three year old. I’m going skiing this weekend for a friend’s birthday so definitely looking forward to that.

 10. In 10 years you will be…What will I be doing in ten days?  Hopefully in ten years I will have traveled the world and made it back to Atlanta ready to settle down.

*If you want more information about the Haiti Relief project and the many opportunities, please visit


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