twenTY someone: Rebecca Gore


Hometown: Atlanta, GA

College: Parsons

Age: 23

Occupation: Head of Product Development, Giles and Brother by Philip Crangi

1. Describe your style in three words?

Eclectic, original, accessorized.

2. Best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

Be yourself and take risks- get inspiration from EVERYTHING, not only fashion.

3. Favorite place you’ve visited?

Impossible to say one place! The most beautiful- Con Dao, Vietnam. The most inspiring- Paris, France. The most stimulating- Tokyo, Japan.

4. What do you do in your free time?

Travel and take in everything I possibly can. Living in New York we are blessed with constant change, innovation, activity, and fresh ideas. I enjoy cooking, dining and partying with friends and family, staying active, creating things, shopping, and keeping my puppy, Balthazar out of trouble!

5. All time favorite restaurant?

Yikes- another hard one! I must admit I tend to judge restaurants more on ambiance than food, much to the dismay of my “foodie” friends. My mother’s kitchen has the most delicious, comforting cuisine. I love going with big groups to Roberta’s in Brooklyn. When in Hong Kong I always make a point to eat at Spices in Repulse Bay- the views of the sea are spectacular. Fresh coconut water and the Thai noodles are delicious. I could go on for days about other favorite places… and

6. Perk of your job?

An amazing, most dynamic boss and mentor, Philip Crangi- every day is a new excitement!

7. You are inspired by…

EVERYTHING, EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE- I am most inspired by things unfamiliar to me, I love discovery- its necessary for my well-being.

8. Coolest thing you’ve ever made?

A necklace for a New York Fashion week show. LVMH and Milk studios put on a show and I won the opportunity to custom design a necklace for the event.

9. Your all time favorite piece of jewelry is…

I have my classic, everyday pieces that I never take off, they are a part of me; gold tiny St. Christopher on my all time favorite super fine ball chain, my mother’s vintage signet ring, Cartier trinity ring, and a man’s watch. When it comes to fun, statement jewelry I am in love with a necklace my boss made years ago, black African record beads with a big silver bead and Diamond Pave rings.

10. In ten years you see yourself…

Hopefully I will continued to be blessed to see the world, surrounded by loved ones, happy and positive and in love…and creating my own brand encompassing everything creative!

Want to see more on Phillip Crangi?

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