twenTY someone: Gavin Godfrey


College: Syracuse University

Age: 27

Occupation: Associate producer with CNN radio and contributing reporter for CNN Showbiz

1. Describe your job in three words. Challenging, unpredictable and educational.

2. You write because…I was born to. Do you really think that? Yes, wholeheartedly. Well more so born to share stories with the world. Corny, but true.

4. CNN. That’s very legit. Do you feel legit? (laughs) At work, yes. Outside of work, I’m like everyone else trying to figure it out.

5. The coolest person you’ve ever met? Wow. That’s tough. I’ll say this. The meanest person was Melvin Van Peebles and the nicest so far was Killer Mike, but Melvin wasn’t for CNN.

6. Note to self: don’t include him on 70 tysomeones. What was so mean about him and what was so nice about Killer Mike? He [Melvin Van Peebles] kicked me out of the press room after the interview. He cussed me out during the interview and told me to speak up. I was half a foot away from the man and I’m not a quiet dude. Killer Mike is one of the most thoughtful people I’ve interviewed and when he says “let’s get together and grab a drink some time” he means it. He’s also very smart and a great conversationalist.

7. What’s on your iPod? ASAP Rocky,  Theophilus London, Ra Ra Riot, and 2 Chainz. In heavy rotation.

8. The best article you’ve ever written and why? I have two, cool? Let’s hear them.  In college I was an editor at The Daily Orange in Syracuse,NY and I wrote about the Saranac Brewery, which is like they’re Sweetwater, but much bigger. I interviewed the CEO, went to the brewery, and the article got rated as the one of the five best of the year for the entire paper. The second would be the story I did last year on rapper Lil B and his “I’m Gay” album.

9. Well, what’d he say? It was a Q&A and podcast putting the young kid on the spot. He was the most honest person I’ve spoken to and then a whole rap beef started between him and Rhymefest because of my article to the point where Rhymefest’s folks reached out to me asking to for Lil B’s contact and wanted to have a truce panel on sexuality in hip-hop and have me moderate. Oh, the internet just went nuts. Vibe had a piece called hip-hop quotables and it was all about the “jewels” Lil B dropped in our interview. When folks make an article off of your story that’s a great feeling.

10. In ten years you will be….covered in more tattoos.

Ewww really?(laughs) Nah I’ll stop at three. I have a writer tattooed on my arm- an Egyptian Scribe to be exact. They were some of the first storytellers and journalists of our time and it’s hard to top that.

Does your mom like your tattoo? Wait, do men even listen to their moms? She was a little put off  when she saw the art, but when I explained why I got it she was more into it. I’m told I come from the “Drake generation” where we actually care about and listen to women and I get that from momma- pun intended.

The infamous Lil B interview and podcast:

Gavin’s blog, MurderHeWrote:

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3 thoughts on “twenTY someone: Gavin Godfrey

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  2. Loved reading about Gavin Godfrey! I read the DO everyday when I was at Syracuse! This piece really took me back to college and it’s nice to see SU alumni doing great things.Yaaay!!

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