Happy Valentine’s Day-Love, Robin

Happy Valentine’s Day someones. I hope today was an amazing day for you. I really mean that. I hate that sometimes you have to put words in italics to stress your point, but sometimes people don’t get it. Or maybe as a twenty someone I am use to insincere people. Hmmm, I’ll save that for another blog post. Anyway, I did not have a Valentine this year (mom, your gift was great-you know what I mean). I have had a Valentine for as long as I can remember, but this year… No one. Unknown. Not a soul. Nonentity. Zilch. Nan. Zero. Who? Yea, still nobody. I am not bitter. Even though I tried to think of as many synonyms for nobody as I could, I really just added that to make you laugh. Wasn’t it funny? I especially liked the word nonentity. Well, I lied. I did have a Valentine today and not just one. I had twenty two. Some were boys and some were girls…and they were all under the age of eight. Yes you guessed it, my old faithful first graders. We  drank Hawaiian Punch and ate candy, cupcakes and cookies. Michelle Obama may or may not have to visit my class after all the junk we ate today, but I love parties and I love Valentine’s Day.

The top 3 reasons I love Valentines Day:

1.Red is my favorite color (and apparently very in this Spring-have you picked up a magazine lately?)

2. When else can you buy your favorite candy in the shape of a heart or in the   color red? That’s what I thought. They even had heart shaped pop-tarts. Very cute Kellog. Really. And do you know how annoying it is to pick the red skittles out of a bag? Valentines Day is awesome. Admit it.

3. I love love. I totally believe in saying I love you on days other than Valentines Day, but this day is just the token day for it. It’s kind of like Thanksgiving. You  aren’t just thankful one day of they year ( if you are get off my blog and go do something good), but this is the day where people talk about how grateful they are etc.

I also love hearing what people think about love.  I can remember my very first crush. I would go into detail, but this blog is very public and apparently 20 somethings have issues with privacy. Luckily, there is no need for much detail. I know everyone can think of the first person they ever liked and thanks to the human experience I’m sure the feelings were the same. Today it made me so happy to see one of my students give his crush a Valentine. It was a leopard with a rose. The stuffed animal was not the cutest, but I know she will have that ugly old cat and remember that she was loved… in a first grade kind of way. I did not have a Valentine, but I did have twenty two Valentines. Our vocabulary lesson for the day? Define love. Here is what six and seven year olds had to say. I hope you comment and tell me how you define love. Is it the same for all ages? Do you even believe in love? Read, enjoy, and do tell…

Love is…

Sean: When everybody celebrates Valentine’s Day

Deon:When people care about me

Marvin: I just know I love my grandma

Kalen: When my mom helps me when I’m sick

Patrick: someone loyal

Christopher: When my mom hugs me

Jasmine: When I’m scared my sister says “It’s okay”

Michelle: My sister because she shares

Nikki: When someone cares about you more than others

Damon: Being nice to one another

Maurice: When you gave me another chance to come to the class party

Alexis: When people share

Gabby: When my friends are hurt I help

Hope: When my sister kept the t.v. paused when I went to the restroom

Thomas-When my sister is hurt and I say what’s wrong

Jonathan-Helping someone else

Lauren: Two people who really like each other

Sarah: When you care about something

Taylor: When someone shows you respect

Vicki: When someone cares about you and you care about them

Chandler: When my sister cries I say shhhh

*Names have been changed

All my love (today and always),


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