twenTY someone: Gerry Randolph

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

College: Boston College

Age: 23

Occupation: (Sports) Marketing, Pepsi 

1. Describe your job in three words:  brands, marketing, sports.   

2.Finish my sentence. Education is… never-ending .You’re constantly learning whether in school or on the job.

3. Tell me your life story in under ten sentences. Born in upstate New York – my dad’s family is from Syracuse, NY, mom’s from the Congo.  Have two older sisters and one younger sister.  I moved to Africa when I was four and have lived in Senegal, Cote D’Ivoire and then Kenya since I was ten (parents still live there).  I went to Boston College and now live in New York and work at Pepsi.

4.When you tell people you grew up in Kenya, they usually say… Kenya?

5. What was it like growing up in Kenya? Pretty dope – best experience my parents ever gave me.  On one hand, it’s just an amazing opportunity to see so much of the world whether you travel around Africa or to and from Europe on the way to the US.  On the other hand, meeting so many different people and growing up interacting with other cultures is a very intimate and rich education in social relations.  At the end of it all, the people were the most memorable and they made my time in Kenya so awesome.

6. Americans biggest misconception about Africa? That Africa’s a country-seriously.  

7. Africans biggest misconception about America?  That it’s all desert or savannah. 

8. You helped start a soccer camp in Kenya. What inspired you to do this? Won’t lie, part of the motivation was money – my friends and I needed summer jobs and obviously as kids we wanted to do so while having some fun.  Mostly though, there weren’t any sports specific camps in Kenya – the kids at my school (attended an international school) that could would go back to the US, or wherever home was, for the summer to attend camp.  So we decided we could hold a little clinic for some elementary students at our school . It was a great way to get these kids started on soccer with the training we had learned and obviously pay us a little money.  

9.  You pursued a triple major. Tell me more.  I enrolled in the business school and really liked marketing, but I also wanted to learn more about leadership management. It was a major I felt would help me in my career.  To fulfill my core requirement, I took a psychology class and just really liked learning about individual and social behavior so decided to add that as a major as well. 

10.  In ten years you will be…  just happy and healthy, I hope.

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