twenTY someone: Shideh Sherry Almasi

Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI

College: University of Michigan

Age: 24

Occupation: Advertising associate at Google

1.Describe your job in three words. I’m constantly learning.

2.What do you google the most? How to get from point A to point B.

3. Google is known for having an awesome work environment. What is it like? Just that-awesome. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, masseuse, laid back managers, overall a laid back atmosphere. It is a very collaborative environment and open to new ideas. Everyone is very young, and has a very work hard and play hard mentality. The dress code is casual everyday. I can walk in wearing jeans and a t-shirt and no one looks at you twice. The micro kitchens are always stocked with Gatorade, fruit, cereal, coffee, tea…anything you could want. We sit on big bouncy balls at our desks and our floor is decorated in a jungle theme, the list really goes on!

4. Growing up you always thought you’d be…a lawyer. I watched a lot of Matlock growing up and I thought his job was sweet. Always catching the bad guy.

5. Interesting fact about yourself? I hate that question. I can’t do back flips or anything too crazy. But I’m fluent in Farsi, and my boyfriend thinks that’s cool.

6.What do you think about people in their thirties? I think they have their ish together. It is an interesting age because some people are well established with families of their own and others are still trying to make their way. It seems like an interesting time. I’m not looking forward to it though (laughs)

7. What makes you mad? Ignorant people, but part of me can’t be mad at them because of their upbringing and influences. Unfortunately it still makes me mad, but I know it probably shouldn’t.  I just wish people could walk a day in another person’s shoes before passing judgment or generalizing.

8. What makes you happy? Oh, a lot of things.  Especially the little things. At work I get happy when an advertiser tells me how helpful I’ve been or hearing inspiring stories. I can’t tell you how much that can make my day.  Overall what makes me happy are good surprises, traveling, family, friends, my boyfriend, and a home cooked Persian meal.

9. Your new year’s resolution? I had so many of them. One was to read three news articles a night. Another was to always have a book even if I’m not reading it consistently. And to not makes excuses for anything.

10. In ten years you will be…Good question. Ask me in 2022 and I’ll tell you.


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