Dear morals, come out come out where ever you are!

Hey tysomeones,

Sorry there hasn’t been an interview lately. I blame it on springtime in Atlanta and busy 20someones. I’ve found that people in their 20’s have 99 problems and my blog just might be one. I’m halfway kidding. I do, however, have something else on my mind and it’s not the white frost skinny jeans I’m coveting from Joe’s Jeans No, I have something more concerning on my mind. Morals.  A girlfriend and I were talking about this at the park yesterday. We were talking about things we’d never do, things we accidentally did, and things our friends had done. “Robin” she said in an intentionally dramatic voice. “Where have all the morals gone?” I laughed, but I knew exactly what she was talking about. She continued by saying, “hell, if everyone’s lying then I’m going to start lying too!” I am still not totally sure if she was kidding or not. You know when people give you a nervous laugh because they’re not exactly sure how their statement will be received? Like if I agreed the laugh would stop and she’d be serious, but if I  said she was crazy she would have laughed harder and said she was just playing. I really hope she does not develop a “if you can’t beat them, join them” type of mentality, but I know sometimes I feel the same way. If everyone is taking my copy paper at work then why not do the same? or nobody else cares so why should I?  Anyway, help me out here-especially you older tysomeones.  Have our morals declined or do they just naturally wane in your twenties? Does it have something to do with finally getting a real job and receiving a paycheck? Should we blame Nicki Minaj and our t.v. culture? I ask you tysomeones are our morals gone? And if so who/what is to blame? Take my poll. I.WANT.ANSWERS.

Love you more than those Joe’s Jeans,




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