twenTY someone: Andrew Stewart Leahy – “but I go by Drew”

Hometown: Brighton, MI

College: University of Michigan
Age: 24
Occupation: Head of Marketing, Mobile Roadie

1. Describe your job in three words. Marketing.Mobile. Supercalifragilistickexpialadocious.

2. When you were in the first grade what did you want to do? First grade – I wanted to be Peter Pan. Turns out, it’s a real job for this guy.

3. You were president and founder of Tell me more about this. What made you create this site?  It started off as a way to invest in bands, as a way to support local music but also cash out if a band made it big. Unfortunately, the SEC wouldn’t have liked it too much so we did what is called a “pivot” and changed up our model to create a frequent flyer mile program for the music industry. Bandstock was like miles, in that you earned more miles the more you interacted or purchased from artists.

4. Who is going to be the next up and coming artist? What makes you think this? Alexz Johnson, Theo Katzman, Wilson, Kye Kye. I’m a bit biased because I work with them and know them personally. Alexz/Theo are super soulful singer songwriters with a pop flavor, and Wilson is a hard hard rock/metal band that won Best Rock Band of Detroit this year. Kye Kye is a fantastic indie band fromPortland that sorta sounds like a more grounded / indie rock version of Frou Frou / Imogen Heap. All super hardworking, awesome artists.

5.  Sometimes I feel like the only people who love L.A. are the people from L.A. True or False? What do you think about the city? Love LA. I’ve been here a lot growing up and also in college because my uncle lives here. I actually created Mybandstock when I was working for a producer while doing an internship in LA…but you have to be able to make the city work for you. Small towns/other cities are much more giving than LA. Plus, you can’t beat the sunshine,beaches, or music scene.

6. If your life was a song what would it be? Beverly Hills by Weezer. The irony is fantastic.

7. One word to describe people in their twenties? LIVING.

8. The most creative music video out there belongs to…The MOST is super hard. One of my favorites is Gotye’s video, which is the reason the band got the huge groundswell for “Somebody That I Used to Know“, a song that they can’t stop playing on the radio. And I’m going to make that super dumb hipster comment and say that I watched that video months before it got big-moooonths….

9. If you had five minutes of fame, what would you want it to be for? It’s kinda weird because he’s a friend of mine, but I would love to sing with Darren Criss on stage as a cameo. Maybe he will read this, I’m not really embarrassed about it (laughs) but it’s true. When I was 16 years old, acting and singing in plays…if I knew I could have his life (character on Glee, signed to Columbia records), I may have kept up with musical theatre. But alas, he’s fantastic for his part and I love where my life has taken me.

10. In ten years you will be…the Chief Marketing Officer of Mobile Roadie, managing musical acts, probably married with maybe a kid or 2, living in California, possibly formulating my next tech startup idea.


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