Over the overused

Today I am going to discuss the top five most overused and misused words according to me. They are all fine words, but just overused if you ask me. Not that you were asking, but you are reading so here goes.

 1. Depressed. People in their twenties use this word all the time. We are depressed because we have to work, we are depressed because our favorite team lost, we are depressed because gas prices went up (which is actually kind of legitimate), or maybe because it’s raining outside. It really does not matter what is going on, but if something bad happens then we’re usually depressed about it. For example, I heard a conversation that went like this.

It was Sunday night and two people were having a drink

Person 1: okay let’s get the check because I have to wake up early for work tomorrow!

Person 2:  Yea me too. Gosh, I’m depressed now.

That’s actually not depressing at all. In fact, it’s encouraging. I mean have they heard about the economy lately? Waking up for, wait, what’s that you say? A job! Let’s stop using the word depressing to describe trivial things okay guys? Depression is real. It is a serious illness and it is not a temporary feeling. Can we agree that it should be reserved for things outlined by the APA manual? If we keep using this word frivolously then most of us will end up like the little boy who cried wolf. If you become depressed one day I probably won’t believe you. I may think you’re dressing in all black to look European or I might think you just have #firstworldproblems. So stop saying that your nail breaking is depressing or the Atlanta Hawks season is depressing. It’s really not. Whatever happened to just saying “that sucks”? That phrase was less dark and not as dicey. Let’s bring that back.

2. Nice. As a lover of all things good, I do not mind this word. Nice is good. Nice makes me happy. I like nice things. However, if I ask you about someone please don’t let the first thing out of your mouth be “oh she’s nice” or “he’s nice.” I bet the person is nice, but what other adjective can you use? Maybe they’re compassionate, adventurous, or intelligent. I know we can dig deep. Our English teachers taught us better than this. In fact, nice is overused so much that I find myself questioning if the person is really nice or if the person describing them just decided to use that word because they had nothing else to say. Oh, and another thing. Stop going in on people and then ending with “but he/she is nice.”

For example: Betty gets on my nerves. She is always texting me and she is so annoying when we go out. I can’t stand her laugh either, but she is very nice.

Really, call a spade a spade. Betty is probably obnoxious and you talking about her and then ending with “but she’s nice” makes you insincere. And that is not very nice.

3. Like. The word like is like one of those words that like I use a lot and wish I could like stop. Like really stop. I think girls like use it more than like boys, but we should stop. Unless we’re like making like a comparison then we should like really find a new filler word or just think before we talk. Girls use the word like as much as boys use the phrase “you know what I’m sayin’’?” No. Nobody knows what you’re saying because you have not said anything and nobody knows what it was like because you were too busy saying like.

4. Bully. I know I will have to tread carefully with the word bully. Bully, much like the word depressing, is a sensitive word. I believe a true bully, a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker, is a cruel person who needs help. I also think that if we use the word bully too much then the word or the meaning behind it rather will diminish. If everything is bullying then nothing is bullying. For example, if someone takes your chips one time then they are not necessarily a bully. C’mon let’s give people the benefit of the doubt. They might just be hungry, greedy, or a thief. Now, if they push you against the lockers or give you a look that says “give me your spicy Doritos or else…” then yes, that is bullying and we have a problem. Checkout ‘Bully,’ a Documentary by Lee Hirsch for proper usage of the word.

 5. Crazy. The amount of times that people use this word is crazy. In defense of people everywhere who use the word, I know it’s used a lot because there are so many different types of crazy.  I will name a few types.

Mentally crazy: My aunt Sharon is in a hospital because she is crazy.

Party Crazy: That kid Matt goes out every night. He’s crazy!

Relationship Crazy: Man she called my phone 18 times last night. That chick is crazy.

Enamored Crazy: I love my boyfriend. I am just crazy about him.

Idiom ‘Like Crazy’:  Michael Phelps was swimming like crazy in the pool.

 And even though Kanye West apparently did not mean crazy when he said “that sh-t Kray” we heard (literally heard) otherwise. Most of us thought Kray was short for crazy and by the time we learned otherwise the word crazy was back with a vengeance.

 In conclusion, it’s not about the words. They are all perfectly fine words. It’s more about the overuse and/or misuse of the words. Next up on the words/phrases that are overused list: disrespectful, I don’t really care (you do care so stop with this phrase), I’m so tired (from what? Facebook stalking and partying? Get a 5 hr energy or some sleep and keep it moving), really, and awesome. 



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