Teacher Appreciation Week

Robin Beck in 1st grade

Robin Beck teaching 1st grade


May is full of fun things. Graduations, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and…..drumroll please….. Teacher Appreciation Week!!!!  I hope this week you take the time to thank a teacher in your life. I never thought I would be a teacher, but it has been an amazing experience.  When I tell people I teach I think it is an open invitation for them to tell me about their favorite teacher. My mom was talking Saturday about her first grade teacher Ms. Norweda Wood. She played the organ at church and my mom said she taught the class how to speak properly. “Hold your head up high. Speak up!” she demanded. My mom remembered her class like it was yesterday. Well, if there was ever a time to reminisce it is this week. I appreciate all of my teachers because they taught me so many different things. Ms. Turner taught me how to read, Ms.Black taught me that learning could be fun, Ms. Hewett introduced me to the world of writing, Mr. Alvord made science so interesting, and the list goes on.  I appreciate teachers more now that I am one, but even if you’re not you should be grateful for one.  After all, if you can read this post then you should thank a teacher.  Ian wrote me this letter today. He tore it out of his composition notebook and said here you go. Here it is:

the Story of Ms. Beck by Ian

Once a pona time. there was a Female named Ms. Beck.  She growed up to become a teacher. She met freinds like Ms. Abdullahi, Mrs. Devane Ms. Wiggins Ms. Reed Ms. Collins Ms. Long and justin. then in first grade when She was a teacher. She met this little boy name Ian. he loved her so much. he even called her cute. sweet. beatiful. One day Ian hugged her she hugged him She almost cried joyful tears. Ian said she was sweet cute Beatiful everyday She laughed so much when Ian told Coleman to put his head up and then Esther did it. Ms Beck smelled so good that the hold class followed the good Smell. Ms. Beck got ever bodys attention by smilin so beatiful that every body would do anything for her She was the prom Queen for the rest of her life She was popular She met barack Obama and and Michelle obama. She was the best teacher of all that her hold class loved her for the rest of there lives. She was the most popular Female of Main Street Academy. the end

Well, he was wrong about some things. I was not the prom queen and I have never seen Michelle Obama (maybe he will speak this into existence).I do, however, hope he was right about the “hold class” loving me the rest of their lives because I know I will love them for the rest of mine.

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