Twenty Someone: Margaret- Parham Holt

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

College: NC STATE University

Age: 24

Occupation: Account Manager at Definition 6

1. Describe your job in three words: busy, chaotic, challenging.

2. Tell me. Do blondes really have more fun? (laughs) I have to say… I have never been a brunette so I’m just to not positive, but I sure do have a lot fun!

M.P. skydives

3. Tell me about your new website: have always wanted to own my own boutique, however, right now is just not the right time in my career to do so. I am still young and learning the ways. I started off working at SPANX and moved to Definition 6 after a year and half and I have really started to miss being so close to the fashion scene. With that being said, I decided that I needed to get my hands on it somehow so after a lot of research I found the perfect opportunity to open a style owner on-line store. The on-line store will give me the opportunity to help my friends, friends-of friends, and who knows hopefully others to find the clothes they need to feel comfortable and fashionable. The site also allows me to do my shopping year round and at night which is awesome for my busy schedule. I am also  the Director of Marketing and Branding at Bartow Fence, a company that is just getting started out of Cartersville, GA. So, I am extremely busy wearing multiple hats…but i couldnt be happier! Okay so I know you don’t work for Spanx anymore, but I must tell you that a woman told me once that Spanx saved her life. Care to comment? (laughs)She is not the only one to say that. When I worked there I constantly had people telling me that I work for a life-saver. Honestly it is funny when you hear them say it, but then it just makes you want to work so much harder so that you can hear more people say “thank you for making me feel beautiful!”Making people feel good is what I enjoy; who wants to be around a bunch of grumpy women? Not me.”

4. Busy schedule? Walk me through a day in the life of M.P. MWF- Wake up around 6:45, coffee, coffee, coffee. I head into to work to kick the day off with a 8:30 daily Production meeting followed my a day full of client meetings, creative reviews, and live issues. I work on a lot of websites, including and After work I workout or go for a walk with a friend, cook dinner, eat on the porch and unwind with a glass of RED -only Red- wine. This is my favorite time of the day. After dinner is when I work on my “other activities”  like Parham Collection and Bartow Fence. Tuesday and Thursdays- same thing,but the workout comes bright and early at 5:45 am so that I can meet with Bartow fence after work on Tuesdays and just relax and go out with friends on Thursdays!

5. When do you feel most beautiful? I feel most comfortable and myself in my gym clothes. I love the glow you get after a good sweat. I would have to say because of my body type, I’m a tight skirt flowy top kind of girl.

6. If you could shop forever at one store and one store only where would it be? No budget? Good question. No budget. Gena Chandler in Raleigh, NC. They have a fabulous selection for every occasion including shoes and accessories. Gena and Chandler, the owners, are more than friendly and more than happy to help. Now that is just for clothes… if it was a one stop shop Neimans because they carry Kiehls products and Creed Perfume, and I LOVE their shop in shop “CUSP”.

7. Do you think you’ve always grown up around style? Yes. My mom has given me clothes that I say “sick, I don’t want that” and then in just 5 months I don’t take it off. She is definitely a trendy lady in my world and inspires me to wear what I love …not what someone says I should love.

8. A young, twenty someone should never leave the house without…business cards. You never know who you will meet: a hot date, the president of the US, or your next boss.

9. Any fun vacation plans this summer?I’m headed to Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. It is one of my favorite places for the 4th of July!

10. In ten years you will be…Gosh! If only I knew. I’m a huge planner, but that one just might have to be in God’s hands.

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