I just wanna be, I just wanna be…su-HAPPY?

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Drake had a hit song several years ago saying that all he wanted to be, all he wanted to be, was successful. The lyrics are below. Now 20someones I know this is probably a review for you, but this blog is not all about us-yes it’s hard for me to get over too. Now, go ahead and read the lyrics so I can make my point.

“ I want the money. The money and the cars. The cars and the clothes. I suppose. I just wanna be. I just wanna be successful.”


This song was a hit. Drake was on the rise.  His voice was soothing. His lyrics hit home. People listened and they were like, “hey. Drake is right! That Degrassi kid is not lying. Forget the cars and the clothes (the money we hesitated on). I, too, want to be successful!” Now I’ve been thinking about success lately. Coincidentally, I’ve been thinking about Drake lately too. I went to his concert this summer and did you hear about his club fight with Chris Brown? Crazy right? Rihanna strikes again. Okay I digress. So I’ve been thinking about success lately because my friends have been calling me to talk about their jobs.  The question seems to be: do I do something that will make me successful or do I do something that makes me happy? Success in this question refers to financial success.

My research for this post comes from various conversations with my friends. My friend Marquan just started a new job because he was not happy in his old one. His mom told him that he better stay at his new job for at least a year. Marquan said “shit, I’m not getting paid much so I want to at least like my job. I’d rather be broke and happy than broke and unhappy.”  Fair enough. My friend Hannah had a similar battle. Should she do what makes her happy for less money or do something else for more money. She was busy weighing pros and cons while her dad thought it was a no brainer. She decided to take the less enthralling job, but not without serious thought.  I guess in her case less really was more. You see, I’ve found that twenty someones want to be happy. We really do! Sure, we want to make money, but I’m finding that most of us want to like what we’re doing. I have so many examples. I had a girlfriend move to Europe when a marketing job in Miami seemed “overwhelming”. I had another friend leave NYC because she just wasn’t happy there anymore. She has no job now, but she is happily looking for a new one. Okay, one more example. My friend left a well paying job in Dallas to move to L.A. He said the hours were weird and he wasn’t getting to go out at night. I thought that sounded okay, but my mom thought it was crazy. So Robin, he left a good paying job? Yes, mom. With benefits? Yes. He has no wife or kids to see so it really doesn’t matter when he gets home? Yes. I mean no. I mean yes you’re right. No he doesn’t have a wife or kids. To move to Los Angeles? Right. Where he has no job? Yep. She gave me a classic Shyril Beck look.  Let me describe the look: eyes blank, eyebrows raised, mouth closed ,but face is yelling “that is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.” Yea, that was the look. I think his decision sounds crazy to everyone, except for twenty year olds.

40someones and up see things differently. In their day, you worked to make money not to be happy. You stayed at the same job and you provided. The end. Nowadays people are searching for their dream job, the job they love, the job that fulfills them. And because of this search for happiness people in their 20s are called adultescents. I called my mom before writing this. I told her Hannah and I had been talking about our friends getting jobs now versus our parents getting jobs back in the day. My mom replied,”Yea this happiness business just started. And tell Hannah I don’t appreciate y’all talking about BACK in my day.” So there you have it. Drake was only kind of right. We want the money, the money and the cars, the cars and the clothes….but I suppose we also just want to be happy. And I think that’s a great thing to be. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “I just wanna be, I just wanna be…su-HAPPY?

  1. ummmm…as a 60 someone, I am still happy in my job/career but I am ready to allow someone else to be happy in my job. But if given the opportunity to have a do over, I would choose the same career but with a higher level of education…which would have meat more money..so Robin, being happy with ones job would make you ecstatic with more money. You 20 someones have an opportuity to do both..so go for it, while you can.. P.S. I luv your blog…if I ever figure out how, I’m going to start a 60 someone…smile if you are in your 20’s..dance if you are in your 60’s.*****************thats me dancing*****************

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