15 things I thought about while watching the Olympics

Olympic Rings

Olympic Rings (Photo credit: failing_angel)

  1. I absolutely positively will never get a gold medal in a sport. I’m like 20 years behind on training.
  2. I am way more patriotic than I thought. I yelled, “C’MON AMERICAAAA!” like every athlete would hear me and then act accordingly.
  3. It was cool that the Olympics were in Atlanta, but it would’ve been cooler if I were…say…over the age of seven.
  4. I adore the P&G commercials. I daresay I like them better than the Gap commercial that sang People All Over the World Join Hands.
  5. I decided I’m being Gabby Douglas for Halloween. Oh, and if you come after her hair I’m coming after you.
  6. Hmm I wonder how long it would take Usain Bolt to run a mile? And I wonder if Usain ever thinks of Cool Runnings while on the track.
  7. Who dressed Duchess Kate for the Olympics?
  8. How did I study abroad in Europe and not make it to London?
  9. I wish I could have done synchronized swimming. Oh wait, I can’t hold my breath for more than 10 seconds.
  10. Wait, speed walking is a sport? Maybe I can get a gold medal after all!
  11. I’m so happy Phelps went to Michigan. Go Blue baby!
  12. I missed the Spice Girls more than I thought.  I wish they would have sung Wannabe. I really wanted to zigga zig aaah.
  13. I wonder if Scary Spice cleared up that drama with Eddie Murphy.
  14. Okay I’ve come to terms with not being in the olympics, but I wonder what the security is like surrounding the village. I’m told that’s where it’s at.
  15. I wonder how much a flight is to Rio…

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