It’s my birthday and I’ll blog what I want to…

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I know today is supposed to be Wednesday Word, but it’s my birthday and I’ll blog what I want to blog what I want toooooo. So I’m talking about birthdays.  First of all, I love them. I truly do.  I don’t really understand when people say “oh, it’s just another day…” Oh,  no my friend! This Leo is here to tell you that thoughts like that are both false and self-deprecating. It’s not just another day it’s YOUR day. You shouldn’t feel the same on your birthday as you do on say March 19th. Or January 11th. Those are random days, the day you were brought into the world is special and it should be treated as such.  First I thought about doing 24 things I’ve learned this past year. That was kind of hard. I can’t decide if I just didn’t learn that much or if I just didn’t feel like being that reflective. And by reflective I mean boring. Then I thought I’d talk to y’all about my favorite birthday. It was a three-way tie between my sweet 16, my even sweeter 21st or my 12th-think of all your friends running rampant through a hotel. Anyway, I decided I would tell y’all 6 things I like about my age.  (Hey 24 is a big number and I don’t have all day-it IS my birthday after all).

  1. I love that I’m old enough to drive, work, drink, and live away from home. Okay most of this happened before 24, but the novelty has not worn off. Work with me.
  2. I love that old people still tell me how young I am.  I.e.-oh you’re just 24, you still have time for__________. Fill in the blank with literally anything you want.-except for being an Olympian. If you haven’t trained yet, you’ve peaked. Move on.
  3. I love that I have friends of all ages. Now that I’m out of college I have been able to foster friendships with people older than I am. Older people used to be more like family members, friends of my mom, or mentors. Now I have older friends of my own. I like you all very much 30someones and above!
  4. I love that at 24 the sky is the limit. I think this applies to most ages, but my friends and I are doing anything and everything. We’re on the move. It’s cool to have the energy to try different things. No one is really set in their ways at 24.  If you are, you’re not acting your age. Routine is good, an inability to mix things up is not.
  5. I’m old enough to have amazing flashbacks of my childhood, but young enough to have amazing daydreams about my future. I think I like just being at an age where I can still cry to my mom or put on red lipstick and act 28. Both seem totally acceptable.(cue Britney Spears’ “Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman”)
  6. I love that I’m not 25 yet. I’m just not ready for the whole quarter century references. Sorry I’m not sorry.

I think every year is a great year and everyday is a great day. I love you and if you love me back you’ll text, tweet, call, instagram, or write on my Facebook wall-bonus point for including my name. Take full advantage of reaching out to me through social media now because when I hit 30-I’ll expect nothing less than a handwritten note. C’mon we all have to grow up at some point 😉


One thought on “It’s my birthday and I’ll blog what I want to…

  1. Well, I would have sent you a gift but I have been conditioned by your mom not to send gifts to her girls. And at 60+, its to late to change. I know that you had a wonderfully exciting birthday as you do each and every day..Life’s a challenge and so far you are exceeding each one thrown at you…Keep it Going Robin Redbreast

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