I got an iPhone! I got an iPhone! I got an iPhone hey hey hey hey!

English: iphone Deutsch: iphone

After much bullying, peer pressure, and blackberry shutdowns-I made the switch. My vist to Verizon detailed below.

Characters: Maria (saleslady)  Tyree (salesman)

Me: Hi, I think I’m eligible for an upgrade and I’d like to maybe get the iPhone?

Maria: Let’s see…Yes you were eligible as of September 7th!

Me: Damn. Okay can I get the iPhone?

Maria: 4s or 5? We don’t recommend the 4.

Me: Thinking about boots I want. Well…what are the prices?

Maria: The 4s will be 100 the 5 will be 200.

Me: My sister will die if I don’t get the 5.

Maria: Well what are you looking for in a phone?

Me: One that I can text on and get the hopstop app on. I don’t need a lot!

Maria: Okay well then either will work really.

BOOM! (We hear a loud noises coming from the street. A few customers run out)

Customer: oh man! Some chick is out there throwing her dude’s stuff out the apartment! (I run over to see stuff flying literally all over the street)

Tyree: I bet she’s a spanish chick!

Maria: Stereotype much?

Tyree: Baby welcome to my life and you KNOW y’all are reaaaal crazy!

Maria: I bet he lied.

Tyree: All men don’t lie. Now YOU’RE stereotyping!

Maria: Okay I’m sorry (rolls eyes at Tyree). What phone do you want?

Me: I think the 4s.

Tyree: Yea then you can instagram all the crazy shit you see in New York.

Me: yea or get internet…

Maria: Your blackberry didn’t get internet?

Me: Umm no. And on Friday I left my blackberry on the counter for an hour and nobody even thought to take it. The girl next to me even said “you can leave it there. No one wants a blackberry”

Maria: Yea and think about when that was all people wanted! If you turn in your blackberry you get 40$ off too.

Me: Oh great! Y’all can have it!

Maria: Just know that everything is deleted and there will be no record of images, texts, contacts…

Me: Oh pshh. I could care less. Take it.

Maria: (laughs) okay cool. A guy came in here the other day and was like “can I watch you clear everything?”

Me: Maybe it was the guy whose girlfriend is now destroying his apartment…

Maria: (laughs) Maybe! And all your voicemails will be deleted is that okay?

Me: Aww man. Now I do keep voicemails. I’ll miss those messages!

Tyree: I can tell you like hanging onto the past!

Me: How?

Tyree: You’ve had a blackberry forever. You miss your upgrade date. Now you come into the store and you still don’t get the most recent phone. You’re afraid of the future baby girl.

Me: Why is this phone purchase getting so deep right now?

(we all laugh)

Me: Like are you selling me a phone or doing a psych analysis?

Tyree: Hey! You got it!

Maria: Okay you’re good to go. You can get your hopstop and text.

Me: Oooh la la. Who should I text first? I feel like it’s New Years Eve. Whoever I text first will mean something!

(incoming text from my sister reading:  you better get an iPhone 5 ROBIN! SERIOUSLY.)

Maria: Who was it?

Me: My sister telling me to get the iPhone 5

Tyree: Just tell her you did

Maria: See there you go lying!


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