25 Things to Do in October

  1. Say “Man, I can’t believe it’s already October!”
  2. Play in the leaves or at least crunch them if you think you’re too grown
  3. Drink apple cider or hot chocolate. Pile on the whip cream.
  4. Buy pumpkin bread to eat with aforementioned drink
  5. Talk about how much you love fall
  6. Wear a chunky scarf and lots of neutral colors
  7. Try to make it back to your school’s homecoming.
  8. Go to an apple orchard-especially if you live in Michigan apparently
  9. Go on a hayride and let your eyes gloss over while saying “wow I haven’t done this since I was a kid…”
  10.  Scare your friends. Your other friends, not me.
  11. Decide what you will be for Halloween
  12. Convince naysayers that you can be Christian and celebrate Halloween
  13. Find a great pair of boots
  14. Find an even better pair of socks
  15. Watch a lot of football
  16.  Change your mind and wear loud, bright colors
  17. Talk about the election
  18.  Get annoyed with the election Facebook statuses
  19. Carve a pumpkin then bake the seeds
  20. If it’s hot say “global warming is reaaal”
  21. If it’s freezing forget about #4 and talk shit about fall
  22. Buy lots of fun size candy and pretend that you’ll give it to kids trick or treating
  23. Talk about how gross candy corn is…because it is.
  24. Realize you have around 2 months to do whatever you said you’d do last NYE
  25. Smile a lot because October can get pretttttty scary.

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