I work hard. Where’s my cookie?

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English: Peanut butter cookie with a chocolate chip smiley face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My friend went on a date last weekend. She said the restaurant was cute, the  food was great,  but her date was “obnoxious”. You see everything was going great until they started talking about their jobs. He was mad because he felt like no one appreciated him at work. Everyone complains about their job every once in a while, but apparently he was still complaining after the appetizers, after the drinks, and well into the entrée. My friend said she could understand venting about coworkers. She empathized when he said he was overworked. She even high fived him when he started ranting about inefficient meetings. But then he took it too far. In between slurps of spaghetti he said, “and I’ve been at the company for five years and all I got was a watch!”  HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Somehow a date that was supposed to be about getting to know each other turned into a date discussing being appreciated-or not- at work.  She said she never got a thing from her job so she couldn’t understand why he was so upset about only getting a watch. When she told me about the date I couldn’t stop laughing. The whole picture was funny in my head. A beautiful girl sitting there watching a boy slurp spaghetti while he talks about himself for two hours. You have to know the characters. Really it’s hilarious, but  back to the story! Now I know tons of twentysomethings who work day in and day out without complaining, but I also know a lot of people like…let’s call him Mr. Watch.  Tell me 20 someones, do you expect to get rewarded for your work? And other tysomeones you can weigh in too! How much does being appreciated in the office matter? I want answers. Really I do! And just in case you were wondering, there was not a second date. I guess Mr. Watch didn’t realize it wasn’t time to divulge all that. Pun absolutely intended.


2 thoughts on “I work hard. Where’s my cookie?

  1. Sounds like he needs a new job. If he’s so unhappy he needs to move on. I don’t expect recognition at all here at school. I also hate my job. So…. What does a rational person do? Make-a-Way, Find-a-way to happiness- get a new job! Hi-ho, hi-ho, off to sell Mary Kay I go! Great pay, great recognition- okay, that’s my plug 😉

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