The 7 People You Meet during a Hurricane Warning

I woke up today at 12 p.m. and heard water running. I ran to the kitchen (when I say ran I mean I took one big leap-see: NYC apt) and told my roommate, “WE MADE IT JORDAN! WE MADE IT THROUGH HURRICANE SANDY!” It’s up for debate whether she rolled her eyes at me or not, but she did reply in a dead pan voice, “Robin, the hurricane hasn’t even come yet.” Oops. This leads me to describe the 7 people you meet in a hurricane. Which one are you?

1. The Oblivious Person: This person barely knows there’s a hurricane coming. Everything they know about the hurricane they learned on Facebook or from family members who called telling them to be safe.  They pass by the lines at the grocery store never wondering why there is now a bouncer at checkout. They have no supplies and they go on with their life as if we’re not in a state of emergency.

2. The Partyer: This person is happy there is a hurricane because they want to buy as much wine as they can and sit home and drink it. They might even invite their friends over for a Hurricane party where they make hurricane drinks and laugh. Or they are just so excited to have a long weekend because they can now properly recover from last weekend’s mayhem.

3. The opportunist: This person takes full advantage of their circumstances.They say things like, “It was my homecoming last weekend. I could still be at (insert college) if I would’ve known about this wind coming. Let me check flights on Delta and see if I can go back!” Or they might take this time to catch up on all their school work. There are also the opportunists/ romantics who start texting people to come snuggle with them. We call the hurricane a disaster, they call it an opportunity.

4.The Planner: This person is on it. Batteries? Check. Flashlight? Already had one. Bottled water? It’s in the closet. This person is usually type A and they are always prepared. Hurricane, tsunami, earthquake-don’t worry Mr. Oblivious because they have your back.

5. The Pessimist:  This is the same person who thought the world was ending in 2000 and then again when the Mayan calendar said so.  They know for a fact lights will be out, food will be spoiled, and schools will be shut down therefore making American kids fall further behind than they already are. Hey pessimist find the partyer and cheer up!

6. Mr./Ms Carefree: Don’t confuse this person with Mr. Oblivious because they actually know there’s a hurricane coming-they just don’t care. This was me yesterday. While Jordan was getting batteries I was out eating an oreo McFlurry. They say things like, “oh don’t worry. It’s just a little rain. Relax.”

7. The Wannabee News Anchor: I swear if I had the power I would give this person an internship at CNN. They want to be a weather reporter so bad it hurts. They want to be in the ocean with their yellow raincoat while sand pelts them in their eyes. They know the projected path of the hurricane and the forecast evolution. Follow them on twitter because they are  your very own storm tracker.

*As always, I blog to brighten your day. While the people I described are funny, the storm is not. Hurricane Sandy is a serious issue so please be safe and informed. Check or your local news for updates.


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