What President Barack Obama Means vs. What Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Means

So while stalking President Obama’s twitter I thought, “OMG. His slogans sound like someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend!” Don’t worry, I’ve clarified what each person means. Bo is Barack Obama. Bf is your boyfriend/girlfriend. Let’s imagine your boyfriend/girlfriend sucks because it will make the phrases funnier. Ok cool..  

1.“We’ve come so close, don’t turn back now.” 

Bo: I’ve been doing this four years, let me prove to you I can make change.

Bf: Don’t break up with me, you’ve already invested four years. Who else ya gunna date? Huh? I’m waiting…

2.“Let’s finish what we started.”  

Bo: It’s not wise to switch leadership at this point in time.

Bf: Let’s keep each other company through winter then it’s every man for himself.

3. “Let’s do this.”

Bo: Let’s change the world.

Bf: Let’s watch movies all day. C’mon.

4.“I’m in. Are you?”

Bo: I have invested all I have. Are you working with me?

Bf: I’m in for a bar crawl. Are you coming or not?

5. “We know what real change is. We know what the future requires. We also know it won’t be easy.”  

Bo: I’m going to be honest. Change will be hard, but we can do it.

Bf: I’m lying. I have no idea what the future holds or let alone requires. But yea it’ll probably be hard.

6.You know that I know what real change looks like because you’ve seen me fight for it.”  

Bo: I’ve been in the trenches helping America. You know this!

Bf: Don’t you remember when I punched that guy at the bar? I did that for YOU.

7.“We’re in this together.”

Bo: I won’t leave your side. Your pain is my pain.

Bf: We’re in this together. Or… until I find someone better.

8.  “Make sure your friends show up tomorrow!”  

Bo: We need everyone at the polls.

Bf: Make sure your friends show up…your one friend is so hot. I mean fun!

9. “We ended ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’”

Bo: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was unjust.

Bf: Hey babe, can we do “don’t ask, don’t tell” on spring break?

10. “You know that I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

Bo: I’m forthright.

Bf: I say what I mean and mean what I say. Unless it’s after 2 and I’m texting you. Then I’m totally lying.

*The thoughts of this blog belong to Robin and not any of the tysomeones featured. Again, serious issue but not so serious blog post. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!  I took Obama’s rhetoric and put it on an imaginary person. For news and updates I urge you to follow him and/or Mitt Romney at @MittRomney and @BarackObama.


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