The benefit of the doubt

I am always late when I have time. Today I woke up early and thought it would be a good idea to look at clothes online, make breakfast, and watch the morning news. Of course by the time I finished I was running behind. I ran to the subway and rode it three stops to the bus. When I got on the bus it was packed, but I found a seat. Two stops later I saw an older lady get on with her friend so I got up to give her my seat. She sat down and kept talking to her friend without saying a word to me. I didn’t really mind, but I did notice. I thought about my friend who always tells me to give people seventy excuses. In other words, keep thinking of the good in people. So I began thinking. Reason 1: Maybe she hasn’t seen her friend in a while. Reason 2: Maybe she thought I got off the bus. Reason 3: Maybe she thought I was tired of sitting. Reason 4: Maybe her legs are weak. Reason 5: Maybe her friend is easily distracted. Reason 6: Maybe she forgot. Reason 7: Maybe she has a cold and it hurts to talk more than necessary Reason 8: Maybe she has a lot on her mind. Reason 9: Maybe this is the best story she has ever told. Reason 10. Maybe this is the best listener she has ever had. Reason 11: Maybe she’s busy paying attention to the bus stops. Reason 12: Maybe she is thinking about her to do list. Before I could think of more reasons my stop was called. I turned around to walk out the back door, but felt my bag being pulled. It was the old lady. “Thank you.” she said. “I was so busy talking!” I smiled. Reason 13: She was just busy talking.


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