December is here! December is here!


December is here (does happy dance and returns to computer). I love December. The weather is cold, but people are warm. I love the holiday spirit. It’s always so much fun! It reminds me of Thanksgiving, but for a whole month. People are nicer, they give thanks, you party, you eat great food. What’s not to love? It’s also the last month of the year so you have to cram in everything you want to do before the year is up. Do as you please, but these things should be on your to-do list. Drum roll please…

10 Things to do this December:

1. Go to Starbucks (brand loyal) and get a holiday drink. Really you’re two months behind because this was on the October to-do list.

2. Spend time with your loved ones. No texting or emailing allowed. Or electronics period. Just hang out and enjoy the company of people who you care about. You don’t have to tweet about how much fun you’re having or instagram a picture to prove it. Just enjoy the moment.

3. Learn about a holiday other than the one you celebrate. Ever heard of a dreidel? How about a kinara? Look it up. Tysomeones are well rounded.

4. Volunteer. Somewhere. Anywhere. If you’re too busy to volunteer then you’re too busy. Find the time my friends.

5. Remember to say Happy Holidays and not just Merry Christmas. It’s sort of like saying Fall Party instead of Halloween Party ya know?

6. Watch the Grinch. You have to. You have no choice. If not, you are actually the real life Grinch.

7. Buy gifts for your friends and family. People think the world has turned completely selfish . Prove them wrong-especially if you’re a 20something.

8. Have a snowball fight. If you don’t have snow where you live then mask your bitterness by saying, “I hate the cold weather. I’m soooo glad it doesn’t snow here.” Everyone will know you’re just jealous you can’t act like a kid, but we’ll play along.

9. Get all your bad habits out of the way. Now, really bad habits you should stop immediately, but I say you have until 2013 to get it together for other things. If you’re texting a girl/boy/woman/man who you shouldn’t then go ahead and have a month of fun, but if you’re smoking then you should have stopped, like, yesterday.

10. Make really fun plans for New Year’s Eve. I didn’t say really expensive; I said really fun. I don’t believe that how you spend your New Year’s is how you spend the rest of the year. I think whoever started this rumor is the same person who started those chain messages that tell you to forward the message along or you will have eternal bad luck. WHO IS THIS PERSON? I don’t know, but just to be safe I always forward the message along. Do the same thing for New Year’s Eve. Why risk ruining your whole year? Do something fun-just to be safe!

I hope you make time to do these things. December is the last month of the year and you know we always save the best for last!

Stay kind,



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