How to display your engagement on Facebook

Odds are one of your Facebook friends is engaged. Odds are their status looked just like everyone else’s. There’s an unspoken procedure to announcing your engagement on Facebook. You don’t know it? Don’t worry! Just follow these five easy steps.

Step 1:Find someone to marry

Step 2: Post a status that says: She/I said yes!

Step 3: Create an album titled “Us”

Step 4: Reply to all your likes and comments by saying, “thanks everyone for the kind words. I’m so lucky I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend! It’s amazing!!!” If you’re religious substitute lucky for blessed. You might even consider dropping the I for we since you talk on behalf of someone else now.

Step 5: Soak up the attention because tomorrow we will totally be talking about someone from high school who posted an ignorant status. Don’t worry we’ll check back with you when you post the honeymoon pics!

Oh, and I just added a step.

Step 6: Invite me to the wedding. I love champagne and cake. And the wobble.


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