Happy Holidays from me to you


I love the holidays and the traditions that come with them. Some people build a gingerbread house every year, others watch movie marathons, some go to their place of worship, and others shop ’til they drop. Tomorrow I look forward to sharing with you what other tysomeones think about the holidays. I celebrate Christmas and there are many things that mark this holiday for me. For one thing, if I don’t hear from my best friends Hannah and Keller by 10 am then I know either their phones have died or I have my days mixed up. I swear we will never get to old to share what happened earlier that morning. Every year for Christmas my family comes to Biloxi, Mississippi to visit more family members. We eat, drink, play games, and laugh. The Becks love a celebration. We also love taking a lot of pictures to remember all the fun we had. Even when my sister Kim and I were little we always had to take Christmas pictures. Always. Actually, when my sister asked when we would stop taking pictures for our card, my mom shot her a look that I can’t quite describe-though it’s probably the same one your mama shot you when you said something inappropriate in front of company. I hope this holiday season you and your loved ones enjoy the time you have together. I hope you eat too much, watch too many marathons, laugh more than you thought you could, and give more than you receive. Oh, and don’t forget to take lots and lots of pictures!

All my love,



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