Tell me in three sentences or less…

What Christmas means to you. 


Page Long, 25

Page Long, 25

Christmas to me means celebrating Jesus leaving his kingdom in heaven to come down to earth to win back the world from evil. It really is “Joy to the World.” Jesus is the joy that has come to the world, now all we have to do is celebrate by receiving Jesus as our  king! 

Rebekah Sharpe, 25

Rebekah Sharpe, 25

Christmas for me is about demonstrating the power that lies within the true reason for the season. This time of year is so bright, wondrous,  and spirited — this bliss is a result of the unyielding love that has carried us through another year filled with its ups and downs. As we open our beautifully wrapped presents on Christmas day,  I always strive to remember that the greatest gift has already been given and it is our obligation to exude that selfless love during the magic that is the holiday season and beyond.

What Kwanzaa means to you

Nikki Lane, 26

Nikki Lane, 26


It’s about my history and heritage, and starting my year off right.

What Hanukkah means to you.

Adam Shapiro, 24

Adam Shapiro, 24

Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights. The oil lasted for eight days and created a miracle for all Jews that encouraged all Jews to be resilient and strong.


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