Imagine that

“That’s the prettiest green I’ve ever seen ma.” There was a drummer on the subway talking to me. He could’ve been an extra in Cool Runnings. “Thanks, it’s my birthstone.” “And the other two [stones]? Those your mom and dad’s?” “Oh no, just random I guess.” “Well that’s the prettiest damn, random ring I’ve ever seen.” I looked down. I’m on the subway after all. “Is it a mood ring or something?” “No. No, just a ring.” “Is the conductor here? Cuz I haven’t seen him.” I don’t respond. “You hear that ma?” I raise my eyebrows. “Silence. We’re on a subway in New York City and there’s silence. No F bombs. No yelling. I like that sound. I like that sound a lot. Here I go.” He starts drumming and singing. The song is really good. When he’s done he says, “if a man ever introduces you to ma dukes, he loves you. You ever been in love?” My stop is next and I stand up ignoring his question. “Sorry I don’t have anything on me. That was really good.” I meant it. “Don’t worry. I don’t thrive off of money. I drum for the feeling. I want to make everyone’s day better. Imagine if people did that. Imagine that ma.” 





2 thoughts on “Imagine that

    • ahhaha! I know kind of bland and definitely nothing incredibly thought provoking, but I thought it was a cool exchange. Most find people on the train to be annoying beggars, but then here he was just trying to make everyone’s ride a little bit better. Sure, he wanted change, but also something more. I thought it was worth sharing…

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