You want to sound like a professional? Here’s how.

Image from Nerdy Rotten Scoundrel

Image from Nerdy Rotten Scoundrel

Just say these five phrases and BOOM! Professional.

1. I’ll be in touch: Nothing says “I have a job” like using this phrase. Only really busy people use it or posers like me. Sometimes I’ll be on the phone talking about a pregame and I’ll say, “okay I’ll be in touch.” It makes you sound so darn important.  I mean who would ever think I’m talking about my Friday night plans? It sounds like I’m so busy with all my other demanding business deals that I’ll only get to you if and when I have time.

2. Please advise:  Put this in an email and it screams professional. It doesn’t even matter what you’re talking about. You could say something like “Fred, the Coke machine took my quarter. Please advise,” and your message instantly seems urgent. I bet you Fred kicks the machine, runs to your desk, and gives you not one, but two quarters.

3. In the interim: Stop using “in the meantime” and use this phrase immediately. It’s Latin and it sounds Latin. Oh, and fancy.

4. Regards: Why sign your emails with best, warmest, or thanks when you can use regards? It sounds professional, but kind of bossy and cold at the same time. When people say warmest I think chocolate chip cookies when they say regards I think BOSS.

5. Colleagues: If someones says, “my team and I” or “my coworkers and I” then I’m like okay…cool… whatever. I mean team is soooo middle school soccer sounding. But when someone says,“my colleagues and I” then I sit up straight and tuck in my shirt.  You have colleagues? Yep, you sound like a professional!


This article is for entertainment purposes only. These 5 phrases will not land you a job, but if they do then add me on LinkedIn?


One thought on “You want to sound like a professional? Here’s how.

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