You Are What You…Played: Judging you now by what you played then

  Some games had obvious career paths. For example, if you loved Monopoly then now you probably work in finance. If you played Operation, I bet you’re a doctor. If you played Scrabble, you may be a journalist. If you loved Candyland, you’re constantly  complaining about cavities. But let’s see where these games led you!








 Sorry!: This game taught people how to get revenge. Really it’s the epitome of schadenfreude. When you pull a sorry card you can’t stop smiling. This game should’ve been for kids like 13 and up. It was so mean-spirited. If you loved this game back then, now you are RUTHLESS.

Twister: This game was hard as I don’t know what. Wait a minute! You want my left hand on green and my left foot on blue? I am a human being not Stretch Armstrong. If you loved this game back then, now you are SOMEWHERE DOING YOGA.

BrainQuest: Was this even a game? Our parents tricked us just because it looked cool. It was nothing more than a colorful deck of flashcards. This taught us random important facts that we needed to know, but always forgot. Things like ‘What was the Louisiana Purchase?’ and ‘Who is Sacagawea?’ Obscure things like that. If you loved this game back then, now you are SOMEONE WHO WATCHES JEOPARDY  EVERY NIGHT BECAUSE YOU JUST CAN’T LET GO.

Charades: This was a great way to have fun because you could play it anywhere. Charades taught us how to act things out and communicate without words.  If you loved this game back then, now you are AGAINST SOCIAL MEDIA. Even Twitter with its mere 140 characters requires too many words for you. OR YOU’RE A MIME. HOW CREEPY.

 Clue: I feel some type of way about this game because I always lost. This game taught you how to be a true problem solver. If you loved this game back then, now you are A LAWYER OR SOMEONE WHO WATCHES WITHOUT A TRACE.

 Life: This taught me a lot.  Although I don’t like how the winner is the person with the most money at the end. What is this teaching children? Anyway, I learned at a young age that I could either live in a split home or a Victorian house, be a superstar or an artist, go to night school or skip college altogether. If you loved this game back then, now you are WONDERING WHAT REAL LIFE MOVES YOU NEED TO MAKE SO THAT YOU CAN RETIRE IN MILLIONAIRE ESTATES INSTEAD OF COUNTRYSIDE ACRES.


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