Which friend are you?

You know I’m good for a travel story. I was going to write a blogpost titled, “Me, a Pregnant Lady, and a Grandma,” but missing my flight gave me something else to talk about. My friends. Here are six of my friends and here is how they respond to bad situations (yes for the purpose of this blog I consider missing a flight home to celebrate with Michigan fans a bad situation).  Don’t worry I didn’t name names. Just adjectives.

Everyone got the same text. “Ughhhh. Just missed my flight.” Here is what each friend said.

  1. The positive friendDon’t worry! You can make the next one. I bet you even get an exit row seat this time around! This is the same person who still believed in the tooth fairy in middle school.
  2. The fate friend- Everything happens for a reason. Everything. Maybe you weren’t meant to be on that flight. This person believes in fate so much that they don’t quite get personal responsibility. I call it bad time management, they call it fate. Fair enough.
  3. The angry friend-Man, I hate flying. The airport sucks, security sucks, the in flight service sucks, they don’t even give you pillows anymore! I have a feeling this friend would hate anything if you just told them where to direct their animosity.
  4. The realistic friend- Be honest. What time did you get to the airport? This friend isn’t quick to empathize. They probably know you too well to think it’s the airline’s fault. This person is honest, blunt, and usually right.
  5. The inquisitive friend-What time was the flight? Did anyone else miss it? How late were you?  You might stop texting this friend because they can be kind of annoying.
  6. The empathetic friend-I’m so sorry you missed your flight. I know what that feels like! Keep this friend around.  I like this friend.  

And I did make the next flight. Go Blue!

2 thoughts on “Which friend are you?

  1. Oh shoot this is good and so true! I have a #3 only for “bitch” sessions which come just around the last Thursday of the month. This post definitely made me think about what type of friend I want to be. Kudoossss to this post!

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