Do you have a minute to spare?


Some people who ask for a minute of your time can be annoying. Like the people at the mall who want you to try out a new iron or the people at Teavana who nearly chase you through the mall asking if you’d like some tea. But then there are people who really do just want nothing more than a minute of your time. People like me and Jessica.

Today my friend Jessica and I were working on our marketing project. We needed to interview five people. Jessica said I had to do the interviewing and she would do the recording. “Wait, but why do I have to do the asking? ” “Because you like talking to strangers and plus people get mad when you…because you like talking to strangers!” I said fine. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get five people to answer one question. I got “can’t” “I’m busy” “Sorry” “Not today” and then some people asked how long it would take and when I said 30 seconds they said, “oooh. No. Can’t!”  30 seconds? They spent more time asking how long it would take.

I found it rude. Jessica found it hilarious. I asked if she wanted to ask the questions. She stopped laughing.

Then we saw a guy leaning against the wall. I actually didn’t want to bother him because he seemed to be busy on the phone. Jessica said he was just texting and for me to just ask. (It’s always the ones who don’t want to ask who make it seem so easy) I asked the guy if he had a minute. He said he had a lot of minutes. I asked our research question and he gave us more than enough information. When we were done he shared his name and asked for ours. His name was Rob. “He was nice,” I told Jessica. ” You just like his name.” “No. He was nice.” “And you like his name.” “Yes, and I like his name.” “You see,” said Jessica. “If everyone was like that then I wouldn’t mind asking.”


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