Fifty Someone: Shyril Beck


Hometown: Biloxi, MS

Age: 55

College: Morris Brown

Occupation: Mother; legal assistant

1. Describe motherhood in three words: rewarding, hard, fun

2. Why is it hard? It’s hard because you know how important it is. You also know you love your kids so much and you want to do the very best for them. That makes it hard.

3. What has been your favorite part? A favorite time or memory? All of it was a favorite time. Mom, c’mon. Really! Let’s see. My favorite period was when you and Kim were babies. I just thought y’all were so cute. We’re not now? (Laughs) Yes, but y’all were so sweet then. Not now? Robin, let me get my thoughts together. It’s hard to pick a favorite time. My favorite events were Christmas. Christmas all the time every time. My favorite events for Kim: homecoming, rookie of the year-that was exciting, draft day for the WNBA. For you? Homecoming, commencement address at graduation, when Obama spoke at your college graduation, TFA.

4. What did granny teach you about motherhood? She continues to teach me. She’s 96 so I’m still learning from her. Her focus is the family and she gave us her best and I, in turn, give my best to you and Kim.  I learn from her example, her dedication, and commitment to her kids.

5. Are there any mothers, with the exception of your own, who you particularly admire? All mothers who wake up every morning and do the best they can for their kids. People can only do the best they can do.

6. What advice would you give to new mothers? Enjoy as you go along. It’s really the journey not the destination. That saying is true. I’m not sure if  mothers can have it all, but I certainly hope they don’t try to have it all at the expense of their kids. Does that make sense?

7. Anything you’d do differently? I guess. Yea. Probably. We’d have gone to church more often. This may sound crazy, but I’d actually leave y’all more. Y’all were so clingy.  I’m not in the habit of looking back. I did the best I could at the time.

8. Favorite family vacation? When we were in Spain. Well, anytime we’re at the beach together is a great time.

9. The best families are…loving and supportive.

10. In ten years you will be…hopefully retired gazing out at the ocean. With me? Yea with you, Kim, and my grandkids.

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Wishing all the mothers a very happy mother’s day!

2 thoughts on “Fifty Someone: Shyril Beck

  1. Reading your interview with your mom and reading your interview with yourself and probably, if there was one on Kim, it reads as if one person wrote all interviews. Not surprising.

  2. Awwww, my friend for so many years! We met at Morris Brown in 1974, and have remained friends until this day! I’ve always told Shyril that I was so proud of how well she had done raising her girls as a single mother. She sacrificed everything including her social life for her girls.
    Happy Mother’s Day, my dear friend.

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