The 7 Friends You Have When You’re Sick


Y’all know I love these kinds of posts. I had strep (I don’t care what the results say) and this is what my friends said.

1. The Ride or Die: 

Where are you? You just landed? Okay I’ll meet you at your apartment in an hour with medicine. C U soon.

2. The Funny Friend: 

At least you don’t have to go to work.

Yes I do.  

Umm what?! Strep throat isn’t a good excuse anymore? Hell, that and pinkeye were always a sure-fire way to stay home.

3. The Party Friend: 

Want to go to a bbq in Brooklyn?

I have strep. 

Oh okay. Gross. Don’t come.  Text me lata.

4. Religious Friend

May Allah give you healing. My heart is aching for you.

5. Positive Friend 

Good luck tomorrow

I have strep or pharyngitis 

Excuse me? OMG that’s when your voice is like painful right? I mean throat?


It’s okay your voice will be raspy and that’s kinda hot for the first day

6. Curious Friend 

So I have strep after all   

Who ya been kissing?

7. The Rival Never Dies Friend 

I’m so sick

You should become a Buckeye fan. You’d feel better.

Oh, and friend 7 is named Eric Duncan. I will not give him the cloak of confidentiality.

Love them all. And I’m feeling better if anyone out there was wondering 🙂

3 thoughts on “The 7 Friends You Have When You’re Sick

  1. You forgot the friend that avoids you at all costs when you’re sick (flash back to you standing at the entry to my room at Tappan spraying an over-size can of lysol everywhere).

    You around this weekend, Cook?

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