A 90someone’s short story via NYTIMES

Hailing a Taxi on a Rainy Night


Dear Diary:

I am a senior citizen, age 92.

While trying to hail a taxi on Second Avenue on a busy, rainy Saturday night, a well-dressed young couple came along behind me, also trying to hail a taxi. They seemed impatient, so they walked one block uptown to get the first cab.

A few minutes later I saw them get into the first oncoming cab — my loss.

As their cab approached me, it slowed down and came to a full stop. The door opened and, as they both got out, the young man said, “It’s your cab.”

I thanked them profusely, got in, and went on my way.


For more quirky, cute and sometimes hilarious stories go to http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/category/metropolitan-diary/

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