Daddy Edition: Twenty Someone Blake Quigley

Blake and Blythe 1

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

College: Ole Miss

Age: 28

Occupation: Transportation Logistics

Child/Children: Blythe, 5 months

1. Describe fatherhood in three words: challenging, rewarding, game-changer

2. The hardest part about being a dad? Having the confidence that our decisions are what is best for Blythe.

3. Your favorite story/memory so far? Blythe speaking (screaming) her own language during Sergio Garcia’s backswing at TPC Sawgrass.

4. Your father always told you: There will always be someone that is working harder.

5. In ten years you and Blythe will be… best friends

And if Blythe isn’t sweet enough, Blake’s wife, Meg, emailed me saying, “I am so honored you chose Blake for this, he is such a wonderful father and husband as deserves a good “shout out.” Too cute!


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