9 Trivial Things That Can Really Mess Up Your Day

 1. Having the best to-go plate ever and leaving it at the restaurant  


2. Getting your toes done and then messing them up when you put shoes on. Boys this is like nicking yourself while shaving, but worse.


3. Looking in your McDonald’s bag and there not being salt  


4. Getting situated on the couch then realizing the remote is on top of the tv  


5. Flirting with someone and then your phone dies and there is no way to pick up the conversation again  


6. Taking a jacuzzi bubble bath and seeing crusty bugs come out the jets  


7. Wanting a Coke and all they have is Pepsi  


8. Leaving the house and looking pretty good, but then forgetting one small detail (perfume/cologne/earrings)  


9. Wearing sandals and stubbing your toe. I hate you cement. 


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