5 Things Interns Say Yes To

1. Free Food

I don’t care if you had Picadilly’s for breakfast and Golden Corral for a snack. When someone asks if you’re hungry you say yes. In fact, you might say yes so many times to food that you end up eating something you don’t like. “Hey Robin want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?” “Yes!” “Oh, but wait… aren’t you allergic to peanut butter?”  “Why yes. Yes I am.” “So do you still want -?” “YES!” 

2. Free Anything

Yes also applies to things you don’t need. “Hey, intern. I have this bag of old thumb tacks I no longer need. Do you need them?” “YES!” (You also don’t own a cork board)

3. Personal Requests

“Hey intern. Could you pick up my allergy medicine from CVS?” “Yes.” “Oh, and my children’s medicine too?” “Yes.” “Ya know what-just go ahead and stock up for flu season. Since you’re there.  Cool?” “YES!”

4. Ridiculous Requests

“Hey intern. Hear me out. I need you to  wake up at 3 a.m., pick up twenty stuffed peacocks and then meet me back at the office…Idunno…around 7. Sound good?”  “YES!


5. No Money

“Hey intern. How does 40 plus hours a week sound for..let’s see.. no money? Sound alright?” “YES!”


It’s a crazy world this whole internship thing. But if someone asked me if I loved my internship guess what I’d say?  

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