1. Have you seen the documentary Food Inc.? I mean you really, REALLY should.  


I’ll consider

2. So I read this book once…

And it changed your life right? 

3. What if animals ate you?    

One word. Lions. 

4. OMG, I can’t believe you are eating that!  

 I can’t believe you are staring at my plate

5. I didn’t even mean to be a vegetarian. I just don’t really eat meat and then voilà! 

Oh? Just like that

6. My body can’t even take it anymore. I accidentally ate a cheeseburger while late nighting and I couldn’t stop throwing up.


Rookie vegetarian mistake. 

7. It’s just healthier.

  Yea, probs

8. A cow smiled at me once 


My friend never lies so I’ll go with this one 

9. Just try it!



 I’ll think about it

This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer. 


5 thoughts on “#ThingsVegeteriansSay

  1. Funny you talking about not eating meat, I went to the Black Rodeo for the second year. I said last year that I wasnt going again because of the poor little cows, bulls, goats whatever they are, being lassoed and dropped to the ground and then they look so pitiful running off. No more rodeo for me but I havent got to the point where I want eat meat. It maybe coming but its not here yet.

  2. LOL I use most of these remarks weekly! (excluding 3 and 8). Im definitely no vegetarian, but I truly believe we consume far more meat than our bodies were intended to process! Experience is a great teacher…. Improving my health by a changing my diet (drastically decrease meat intake)….. PRICELESS! Those documentaries are DA BOMB.com!! Food Inc and Fat, Sick and nearly dead! are two favorites! 🙂

    • Hahaha. Yes, I think we do too. I also should watch the documentaries, but I know I’ll be scarred for life! I love your healthy eating Rozz. I need a lesson on all those yummy drinks and vegetable dishes 🙂

      • Well, that’s the point Rockin’ Robin! Not to scare you, but to equip you with alarming facts that will encourage you to make wise-r choices….. dang, I sound old. 🙂

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