25 Things Every Young Professional Should Know by Age 25 (and my responses)

Article by Danny Rubin, Responses by Robin Beck

25. It’s spelled “definitely,” not “definately.” Got it, but that is a tricky one.

24. Read an apartment lease before you sign. All of it. Maybe you should say understand it. Because I read it, but…

23. An Excel PivotTable will change your life. Really? More so than online banking? Because THAT was life changing.

22. A cover letter should add color and personality. It shouldn’t summarize your résumé. My career coach said the same thing. Good tip.

21. Everyone likes to receive praise, but the smartest young adults actively seek constructive criticism. But praise is so much fun!

20. The days of a college syllabus are long gone. If you’re waiting for someone to give you direction, have a seat. You’ll be there a while. How long exactly?

19. Multi-tasking is great, but some moments require your undivided attention. Yes, like taking a shot. You blink, someone takes it for ya.

18. Take LinkedIn seriously. I do. 

17. Understand the pay-stub that accompanies your paycheck. Pay stub? I thought direct deposit replaced those things. 

16. There’s no such thing as an overnight success. However, people who do “break through” tend to start their day while others are still asleep. WrongPsy was an overnight success.

15. Know the difference between a Roth IRA and Traditional IRA. Hoobity whatty?!

14. Even though college is over, you should still find extracurriculars. Among the many reasons, clubs and organizations are terrific places to network. College is not over. College will never be over. Neverrrrr.

13. You’re never too busy to write a thank-you note. Except Monday-Friday when I’m totally too busy.

12. Negotiate your salary. What salary? I’m an intern.

11. The ability to follow-through on assignments can take you from 25-year-old newbie to essential team member. I’m 24. So there.

10. You probably make more money than some of your friends and less than others. The only thing that matters is that you pay your own bills on time. No, I probably don’t. My friends have like real people jobs and stuff. Go friends go!

9. Bring a lunch to work. It’s healthier and cheaper than eating out. But it won’t taste as good.

8. Don’t step into an interview room without research on the company and questions for the employer. Great advice Danny!

7. Dropbox. Learn it and love it. I prefer google docs.

6. Treat interns with respect. They’ll provide you with management training and ease your workload. Yes, treat me with respect. 

5. To impress older business associates, ask about their own career path. You may also learn a thing or two. Also, great advice! 

4. Under-promise. Over-deliver. Yes, this works great in all relationships.

3. The less you write, the tighter the message. The less you talk, the stronger the speech. Twitter taught me this.

2. The only failure in your 20s is inaction. Everything else is trial and error. Yes, but some things are hard to bounce back from.

1. You’re halfway through the most formative decade of your life. You don’t need all the answers, but you must keep asking questions. Start with this one: what’s something new that I can learn right now? These are my most formative years- AAH! The pressure is on. 20 days until the big 2-5!


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