Happy New Year! I Mean Birthday.


“Are you scared?” “Are you nervous?” “Do you need anything?”  Last night I almost filled my bathtub with water and I was ready to wake up and look out the window to make sure the world hadn’t ended. It was Year 25. Who knew August 15, 2013 would feel so much like December 31, 1999? I had heard the rumors. I knew what people were saying. I knew I had to be brave. I expected the best, but prepared for the worst. But just as everyone woke up in the year 2000 feeling silly so did I for thinking my 25th year would be drastically different.  My birthday celebration did, however, resemble the New Year.

1. I woke up expecting to  feel like a brand new Robin, but alas was not

2. I partied a lot and wore sequins

3. I made resolutions for myself

4. I stayed up all night

That’s all I got for ya, but it felt like a new year and technically it is-just not for the whole world. Turning 25 is like my very own New Year’s party, but bigger because I get to look back over 25 years instead of just one.

Twenty-five years ago today I was born in Atlanta at Georgia Baptist Hospital. It was 1988. My baby book will tell you that Ronald Reagan was president, “Dirty Diana” was a hit song and Jessica was the most popular baby name (my money would’ve been on Lauren).  Now President Obama is arguably the antithesis of Reagan, Michael Jackson is dead and Jessica is nowhere to be found on the Top 100 Baby Names list (apparently Sophia is in).  

A lot has happened and I know I have so much to look forward to.  I feel prepared for the good and the bad. Twenty-Five years leaves room for trial and error so I know a thing or two now. Of course I will keep learning, but every year taught me something different and I welcome this new year. I want to be as curious as I was at six, ask for help like I did at nine, love like I did at 15, travel like I did at 19, party how I did at 21 and work hard for my money like I did at 23. I’m ready. No, I’m not scared. No, I’m not nervous. And I don’t need anything except for my family and friends to hold me down. And maybe a new bottle of perfume! That’s where birthdays differ from the new year. You just might be lucky enough to get a gift when the clock strikes 12 instead of a kiss. Just promise me you won’t countdown-this girl is savoring every second.


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