Up here learning


Today I start my last semester of grad school. A year ago I moved to New York City. Don’t you remember? I blogged about how I was leaving Georgia once again for school. I talked about my black shoes looking scuffy (I have a new pair now) and feeling like a superhero while listening to the dean talk to the incoming class (nope, still human).

A year ago I also wrote about my breakup with Atlanta. I didn’t know if I’d even like New York. My apartment left me feeling some type of way. “Remember” my mom told me. “You’re up there to learn.” And I have. I have learned a lot.

I have learned that I can live more with less. I don’t need a walk-in closet or my own bathroom. A coat closet is a luxury and if you have a doorman then dammit you’ve made it in America. If I have clean sheets I’m doing better than the man who sleeps on 33rd and Lex. Walking from 86th street to 125th will make you feel like Dorothy leaving Kansas. Before I read about America’s income gap in the paper, now I see it on my walk to work.

I have learned that I can babysit, go to class, go back to work, write a paper and still make it down to the west village in time for a drink. 24 hours feels different here. It feels like 48.

I have learned that if you ask people for help they will help you, but you do have to ask.

I have learned the difference between smart people, wise people and educated people. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll be all three one day.

I have learned how to shop like a recessionista.

I have learned that Michigan was really, really cold but New York is really, really cold too.

I have learned that air conditioning is fancy.

I have learned that screaming does not make rats run any faster.

I have learned that the world is smaller than I thought. If you stand in Laguardia for 2 hours I bet you’ll see a college fling or someone from your third grade class. Try to look decent.

I have learned that you don’t have to love what you do, but you should try. Like I said 24 hours feels like 48 here so if you don’t like a day’s worth of work then you won’t like two squeezed into one.

I have learned that sometimes you can slip up and call a new place home.

And of course I’ve learned a lot about the communications industry.

My mom still tells me I’m in New York City to learn. She usually tells me this in between asking if I’ve talked to my sister and telling me Michelle Obama wore a sharp dress at an event. I tell her yes, I’ve been texting Kim. No, I haven’t seen the dress, but please email me a picture. And yes I’m up here learning. In and out of class.


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