Don’t Talk to Strangers-Or Do

The time I was stuck in Detroit’s airport for 7 hours 


Brittany:  Well, you look familiar!

Brittany was on standby like me and she had missed two flights before 9 a.m. I recognized her, but never spoke because, well, it was 9 a.m. and I had missed two flights.

Me: Yep, here we go again

Brittany: Where’s your last stop?

Me: New York. I stop there. You’re connecting?

Brittany: Oh yeaaa. After La Guardia I have to make it to Canada and I was really hoping to make it by 5 p.m. because the person picking me up doesn’t drive at night

Me: Your grandmother?

Brittany: No, the person picking me up

Me: Oh, oh! I heard grandmother. Sorry, it’s just so early. I’m out of it

Brittany: Yea so early and all the flights are packed. Apparently there was a big game so a lot of people were in town.

Me: (Raising my hand) Yea I’m a lot of those people. We played Notre Dame.

Brittany: Oh okay was this in volleyball?

Me:  Is she serious? Football

Brittany: Oh nice. Very nice. Yea I was just hanging out with my boyfriend. He lives in Detroit. And ya know I really like Detroit. I hope the city does better. The people deserve it. The people are nice. But I also really like where I’m from. It’s a lot like San Francisco

Me: Oh nice (I really want to nap so I’m a little short)

Brittany: Yea it’s called Lethbridge. Have you heard of it?

Me: No

Brittany: Oh, you should. It’s neat. I could live there forever, but I do like Detroit. I wish my boyfriend would just move

Me: Gosh she’s so perky Do you think he will?

Brittany: Oh nooooo my boyfriend doesn’t like Canada because of the high taxes, but ya know our taxes are high because we all have healthcare. He’s just stubborn. He doesn’t really get that. But I like Detroit too. We’ll see, maybe one day. We both like where we are for now

Me: Cool (I turn my head the other way)

Brittany: Well, what do you do?

Me: Omg Brittany. Chill. I’m in grad school which is exactly why I have to get back

Brittany: Oh wow! For what?

Me: Corporate Communications

Brittany: Okay so like..that’s like…

Me: Ugh when my sister is short with people they stop talking. How does Kim do that? So like corporate social responsibility. I’d work for a company and handle their outreach efforts and employee engagement. I’d build partnerships, but it is also tied into PR because the public will need to know about the efforts

Brittany: Yea you know we really need people like you! We need that job. That’s nice of her to say, but I get the impression that if I said I dressed up as Barney at kids’ parties then she would have seen a need for that too 

Robin: Thanks 

Brittany: Yea I can just work from home. I don’t do anything too fancy. My boyfriend has to work tonight, but not me. I can work anytime

Robin: Oh okay Gosh, when did being tired make it okay to be so short with people. 

Brittany: I hope you get on

Robin: I hope you do too

Brittany: I can look up your name and tell you where you are on the list. I mean my boyfriend has me listed as his partner so I can do all kinds of things on the website and it only takes me a second so I could do that for you. Easy. No problem

Me: Okay yea. I mean sure why not

Brittany: oooh let’s see…

Me: Beck. R. Beck

Brittany: Beck, Beck, Becccck.  Oh man. Well the noon looks the best and if not then the 9:35 tonight

Me: shit

Brittany: But you never know. We’ll keep our fingers crossed right? I mean one time I never thought I’d get on and the next thing I know I’m in first class. And I can’t fly. I mean I’m a terrible flyer so I like to drink and in first class they keep the drinks coming. It’s great for bad flyers like me

Me: Yea, well any seat will really do

Brittany: Yea, yea any seat will do. I just need to get home in the daylight because the person picking me can’t drive at night

Me: Right. The person who’s not your grandmother

Brittany: What? Yea and another time I made the flight and I was like tenth on the list so you never know

Me: Yea you never kn-

Brittany: Oh you said the person who’s not my grandmother! I just realized what you said (laughs) Yea I did say that already

She is so talkative, but so dang nice

Me: okay they’re boarding now

Brittany: I’ll tell you what. If they call my name and not yours then you can have my seat

Me: What? Really! You don’t have to do that

Brittany: Yea no problem. I only have cats at home and my sitter likes to stay at my house anyway. I can always go back to Detroit and stay with my boyfriend. He’ll be doing work, but I can work from home so that’s fine

Me: That’s so nice (Notice I don’t say no because I really do have to be back and I really am exhausted)  

Brittany: Yea, you have class and everything

Neither one of our names are called

Brittany: Well Robin, I hope you make it home. I think you will. I’m going back to my boyfriend’s place, but I have a good feeling you’ll get on. If not the noon then that 9’oclock one for sure!

Robin: Okay, I hope you make it to Canada soon-and in the daytime

She rides off on a unicycle that I never noticed and I make the 1 o’clock flight

*Brittany’s name was changed for the post


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