Letter from the Editor

This month is one of my favorites. I do not like the snow and I really do not like being cold, but December makes my “top three favorite month” list. When you have a blog you have the liberty of making up lists. December is my favorite right behind August and July.  It doesn’t have the sun of the summer, but people seem to party, love and give thanks a little harder.

I like that

I like the way it feels to squeeze into a gold sequin dress

I like how my mom rolls her eyes at my holiday dresses, but then always admits “You look alright”

I like wearing black tights and slipping my feet into a pair of pumps

I like having an excuse to go to Starbucks

I like how the weather gives you a license to cuddle

I like how people give more time to others

I like that emails start to end with “Peace”

I like that people are more understanding

I like that volunteering skyrockets

I like the taste of a gin and lavender cocktail in a tall glass with cubed ices. Crushed won’t do. You need the ice to make noise

I like the way a hug feels. It’s softer with sweatshirts and sweaters

I like the holiday cards I get in the mail

I like the way text messages come in two parts. There’s so much to say in December

I like reflecting over the past year

I like cookies. Oh, how I like the cookies

And I like the love. I love the love. Love seems so pure in December.

I hope you like this month the way I do. I hope you do one thing you never thought you would and I hope you share the love because the stockings will come off, the sweaters will soon be folded and the snow always melts, but I hope the love remains. I would really like that.



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