Happy New Year!

True story: I contemplated Happy New Year vs. Happy New Year’s for like three minutes too long.

Hello tysomeone. Good morning! How did you sleep last night? Did you say your prayers? Did you start the day right? Okay that was from a camp song. I’m reminiscing today, but I’ll get to my point. There are TWO  New Yearsy things I want you to do this year. You don’t have to, but I’m telling you that all the cool people are doing it. Like Beyoncé.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 11.40.48 AM

Newyearsy Thing One: Happy Jar 

I want you to get a jar. Like one of those old school cookie jars you see in the perfect kitchens. The kind Martha Stewart probably has. Everyone else keeps their cookies in the sleeve, but I bet you Martha has hers in a jar. Y’all I just know she does. Anyway, find a jar and put it on your coffee table. Every time something good happens in 2014 I want you to scribble it down on a piece of paper and then put the paper in the jar. It can be anything and it doesn’t have to happen to you. My first note was that one of my best friends flew in first class. I mean what says happy like free wine and extra leg room? It’s a quick and easy way to remember all the good in 2014 and it will be fun to look at next December.

Newyearsy Thing Two: Name Your Year 

This is totally an unoriginal idea. I stole it from the preacher on Sunday. Wait, the word stole and preacher should never go in the same sentence, but this is a good thing so I think I’m okay! The preacher said to name your year. In one word, what do you want your year to be called? He called his Breakout. He said 2014 was the year where the church would get a new building and he felt like he was going to breakout in so many ways. My mom said her year was called Progress. I gave my mom the side eye and asked her what progress she would be making. She said, “Don’t worry about that because it’s my year!” And she’s right. No one else has to approve of what your year is because it’s yours. I named mine More. I want to do more, help more, love more, read more and write more. It’s the word I kept coming back to. So go ahead, name your year. Declare it and claim it. And for you young tysomeones, do like Drake said. Own it. It’s Yours.

P.S.-I have no clue if Beyoncé is doing any of these things. In fact, she’s probably not. She’s probably in Tulum having mimosas with Jay-Z plotting to takeover the world-again. But it’s still cool.  


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