Twenty Someone: Sam Duboff


I always start the same way. I need your name, hometown, college, age and occupation.  

Name: Sam, currently! Sammy from third grade until twelfth grade. ‘Sammytown’ for people who attended my bar mitzvah. Names are an important indicator of your stage of life

Hometown: Boston, MA technically, but NYC in my heart!

College: Yale  

Business School: Stanford  

Age: 25…for two more days! Turning 26 affects me more than it should–something weird about being in the back half of my 20s. Although the four months of the year where Rihanna is a year older than me stressed me out, so glad to get back on equal footing with her

Occupation: Just finishing my first year at Stanford business school! I begin my summer internship on Monday. Pros to going back to work: a sense of contributing to the world, free meals at the office. Cons: having ‘work email’ to kvetch about again, waking up at a time appropriate for adults every day

1. Describe your job in three words: Exhausting (for) happy reasons (I cheated a bit)
2. Congratulations on your internship! Now tell me more about it. Pretend like we’re on an elevator. I’ll be interning at Facebook this summer in the consumer marketing group! I’m excited to try out the ol’ “millennial at a tech company” thing. My team/project seem great, the campus is beautiful, and getting paid to fool around on Facebook during the day sounds fun. That’s amazing. Side note: I can’t type elevator without thinking of Solange. Solange has selfishly ruined elevators for the rest of us for the next five years minimum 
3.  My favorite part about Facebook is stalking other people. What’s yours? Keeping me in touch with high school friends by providing endlessly crazy updates from other high school classmates to bond over
4. The other day I read an article saying Facebook can now determine what music I like. Are the days of privacy gone? Maybe I’ll have a better perspective on that after this summer, but generally speaking, I’ve always found that I have control over what information I’m sharing online. The fact that Twitter knows so much about me is because I’ve provided them with over 5,000 tweets. I don’t mind if Facebook/Twitter/Google knows what kind of music I like or who my friends are–in fact, it’s often useful–but the things I’ve wanted to keep private, I’ve been able to…as much as I’d like to take back the bathroom mirror pics from sophomore ‘screw’ formal
5. Before bschool you worked for Pepsi, Starbucks Ready-To-Drink beverages to be exact. If Starbucks was a person, how would you describe him/her? Female, 24-years-old, charismatic and always smiling, but acquaintances wonder how sincere she is. She likes green. I think she is also the most popular girl in NYC  
6. You heard ____speak and were changed/inspired/angered (choose one) because______.  I heard Oprah speak on campus a few weeks ago and can’t stop thinking about one anecdote. She said no matter who she’s interviewing–a child molester, a politician, or Beyonce–everyone asks the same question after the camera stops rolling. “Did I do okay?” No matter who you are, everyone’s just looking for validation
7. You went to the Philippines not long ago. Who, what, when, where, why? The best! During spring break I went on a week-long boat excursion in the Palawan Island with 15 classmates from Coron to El Nido. It was one of the best trips ever–awesome group, such an adventure, slept on a different island every night. I was surprised to learn that I can survive very…suboptimal bathroom conditions
8. You’ve been all over the world. Why did you say that NYC is your hometown at heart? I grew up in Boston, so my ‘baseline’ is very urban, lots of culture and activity. NYC provides all the stimulation I could want and is filled with “my people.” Walk fast, talk fast and don’t talk to strangers unless they are a bartender or waiter
9.  What keeps you up at night? The latest season of VEEP, worrying about the implications of getting older, and trying to fit my 6’3” body in a dorm room bed. Oh so Facebook really does have a campus? I thought that was more like a…joke? (Laughs) It really does! It’s insane
10.  In ten years you will be…In ten years, Rihanna will be 36, I’ll be 35 and probably still unable to be decisive about what venue to drink at on my birthday



2 thoughts on “Twenty Someone: Sam Duboff

  1. Loved this interview! and he is an awesome guy. I hope you keep going with this blog…I absolutely love to hear what young people are doing and thinking. Helps me keep my faith in man kind and the world.

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