Editor’s Note


Okay, somebody tell me where July went. I’m so sad to see it go! One minute I was eating a hotdog trying to see the fireworks on a windy, rooftop in New York City and the next minute I’m preparing for August. By preparing I mean running around talking about how fast the summer went by. It’s actually a very solid icebreaker. If you don’t know someone you just sigh and say, “Where did the summer go?” “I don’t know!” they’ll respond exasperated. “Time sure does fly.”

If people love talking about anything it’s time and weather. People seem to be either hoping time speeds up or praying for it to slow down. People are either freezing and waiting for the summer or sweating and waiting for the fall. In conclusion, I’ve learned it’s hard to get the weather just right-and our timing.

August means we’re moving closer toward the end of the year. We’re two-thirds done and it’s probably a good time to evaluate New Year’s resolutions if you made any. Every month is a benchmark. I know it’s important to make goals and keep them, but I’m not mad at messing up and starting again. Maybe you didn’t read one book a month, but who says you can’t double up? So you said you’d run a half marathon? It’s August. Get the Nike App. Try again. You said you’d stop texting your ex and haven’t. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? I’m kidding. Block the number and keep it moving. Or don’t. Everything is up to you.

I know a few goals that I fell short on. I didn’t do as well as I would’ve hoped with fundraising at work. I didn’t run three times a week. And I haven’t been attending my writer’s group every Wednesday. But there’s a whole slew of things that I’ve really rocked at and I’m grateful for that. My friend told me the other day, “I’m not who I want to be, but I’m not who I was either.” He’s right. Progress.

Every month is a fresh start. Every day is too. Maybe I’m not so sad July is ending. Perhaps it’s time to move on. I’m happy to see you August 1st. Your timing is fine-and your weather aint so bad either.

Here’s to a wonderful summer,





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