We’ll miss you Robin Williams


I don’t know what my sister and I watched more: Mrs. Doubtfire or Jumanji.

Mrs. Doubtfire is one of the greats. How did a movie about a man’s desire to be with his kids end up being utterly hilarious? I can hear “jump, jump, jump around!” playing at the house party while the horse eats the soccer cake. I can see the tire tracks on his mask and then the whipped cream on his face. And I can hear the lime hit the back of Stu’s head by the pool. “It was a run by fruiting, dear!”

We cringed in Jumanji when Alan placed the shoe on the conveyor belt. And then again when Peter tried to cheat. I can feel the game thumping in the ground now. That’s what Jumanji did. It made you feel things that didn’t exist.

I haven’t even gotten to Hook, Aladdin, Jack or Good Will Hunting. There are too many movies to name.

I know suicide is considered selfish to many. However, someone who made everyone smile when he himself was depressed-seems like a very selfless thing indeed. He played every role so well and it saddens me to think it was perhaps harder just being himself.

Rest easy Robin Williams.

3 thoughts on “We’ll miss you Robin Williams

  1. Suicide is a selfish act, but he wasn’t a selfish person. I remember seeing Jumanji possibly with you guys, can’t think of any other kids I would have willingly gone with :). My most favorite role and the earliest I remember is Mork and Mindy.
    He has provided laughter for as long as I can remember, but the hardest for most to understand is why he didn’t laugh himself. People need to be more aware about suicide, it’s risk factors and the warning signs. Depression is the most misunderstood and under reported mental illness. Everyone should learn the signs and not feel ashamed to ask for help.

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