Before my boss and I start our weekly meetings, we talk about personal things. It’s only fair to talk about something light before we talk about our budget. One time I told her I had dinner with my girlfriends. My friends and I were talking about our crushes and partying. She said her girlfriends had gone to dinner too. They talked about menopause and Botox.

I feel lucky to have a leader and a confidante all mixed into one. “How was your weekend Sarah?” “Good. Will [her son] won a really big trophy in a chess tournament.” “So he’s good?” “Yea, but he thinks he’s great. We’re working on that.” “I don’t think there’s harm in him thinking he’s great.” “Well no, but he thinks he’s the best at everything.” “Ahhh I see. That’s problematic.” “What’s new with you? Did you-” “Okay so I have a great idea. It’s incredible. Like probably the best idea I’ve ever come up with. I probably sound like Will, but really it’s the best idea.” “Better than the microwave thing you-” “This is revolutionary.” “Are you going to quit?” “No.” (My boss is also very sarcastic)

“So I’m creating an app.” “Do you know how to make an app?” “No, but I know people.” “Okay.” “Okay so I’m making this app. The world isn’t ready for it! It’s all about finding a roommate online. It’s like Tinder, but for roommates. See where I’m going?” “I think so.” “Want to hear my pitch?” “Sure.” “Roomie is- that’s the name of the app. Okay here it is. Roomie is the easy way to find and connect with a roommate in your city. Pick a city, tell us what you like-and what you don’t,we’ll find you a roommate. Sound good? We thought so too.” “That’s good.” “Yep! The motto is ‘Moving is hard, living is easy.'” “Okay Robin.” “I haven’t done much research, but that’s what I thought about over the weekend.”

Five Hours go by and we’re now walking back to the office from a meeting

“Robin, I don’t think you should quit your day job.” “I’m not! That app is just a project I’m doing on the side.” “Okay, because I see your app rolling down the street.”  I look up and see that the world is actually ready for it. It’s called Matchpad.


Back to the old drawing board…

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