Turning 26, turning over a new leaf, and turning up.

One week ago today I turned 26. Leading up to last Friday, I was very calm. Unlike my 25th I wasn’t counting down the days, but I knew it was coming. My friend Ashley gave me a birthday book called Live This Day and if I thought about my birthday it was mainly in reference to the book. I would fill it out a little each day-usually over breakfast. 

IMG_1830IMG_1871IMG_1875The book asked questions I’d never really thought of. Who makes life fun for you? I named the first 11 people that came to mind. I didn’t plan on 11 I just wrote quickly until I paused. What are you most grateful for? I wrote about my grandmother. What would you tell your younger self? Everything I’d say she/I would have ignored, but I wrote nine things including: wear braces for as long as possible, drink water, don’t accept more than two apologies from the same person, read more, etc. Again, she/I wouldn’t have listened. That’s why this question never works. What are you beginning to discover? How hard it is for people to change-for better or worse. What should you always take a risk for? Love. The last question asked me to write a letter to myself at 27. This is when I freaked out. My younger self I can no longer work on, but I can create the older Robin. Which is cool and terrifying.

So there I was in Le Pain with an overpriced egg frittata writing a letter to myself. “Dear Robin,” I wrote. “You’re 27 now. Only three years to 30. I wonder where you’re living Robin? If you’re in Atlanta, I hope your last year in New York was fun. Do you miss the mice? If you’re in New York then you better be killing it. If you’re somewhere else then wow, you surprised me/us….” I kept writing about personal and professional goals for two pages and it will be fun to look at this next year to see where I am. I ended with, “Be the person you always dreamed about.” It was a very inspiring way to turn another year. Filled with reflection, insight and planning. I needed to collect my thoughts and that book was the perfect way to do it.

Then I got on a plane to Miami and met 14 of my college friends for the craziest weekend of my life.





I guess 26 was filled with reflection, insight, planning and partying too. I’m still working on the new and improved Robin, but like I said I’m discovering how hard it is for people to change-for better or worse. 


Thank you all for helping me celebrate another great year. Your calls, texts, posts, emails, cards, gifts, cakes, donuts and gin drinks really made me smile. I know I listed 11 people who made life more fun, but really all of you make my world go round. Thank you for that.


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