Happy Birthday Ninety Someone: Victoria E. Beck

Granny 1Yesterday’s Conversation with my grandmother.

Hey granny! 


What’s up? 

Nothing. What are you doing?

At work, but the internet is down so I thought I’d call. 

Yea I didn’t recognize the number. Now are you going out of town this weekend?


Good now get some rest. Settle down. I’m not doing anything today. I was supposed to go to the eye doctor, but I found the card and it turns out it’s on the 29th! Debora was going to take me and I said oh lawd! Now she’s going to take me to Dillard’s to get a pair of nice, flat shoes. Shyril doesn’t want me wearing heels. I said lawd have mercy. I’m going to get two pairs. One when I’m nicely dressed and one for everyday.

You didn’t like those Toms? 

Those what?

Those shoes called Toms. 

The slippers?

They’re not slippers, but yea.

They’re okay. My feet are narrow though and they were wide.

Are you excited about tomorrow? 

Well, yea. My neighbor called. You know  the one who goes to Atlanta during the storm season? And my next door neighbors called too. They got confused so I have gotten a lot of calls before the time. Tomorrow I’m going to lunch with Gwen and tomorrow evening I’m going to dinner with Shauwann and the boys. Debora and I will get oysters later. There’s a lot happening. I need a secretary.

I hear ya. You know that book I told you about that I filled out for my birthday?

The book that’s taking a while to write? Is it finished?

No, the book Ashley gave me where you reflect on your birthday…

Yes I remember.

Can I ask you some of those questions?


1. What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given? Oh my gosh. A ring with all my children’s birthstones. I wear it with my wedding band.

2. Who makes life fun for you? My family. Not your friends? Them too. I enjoy all of them. I have so many friends.

3. How would you describe yourself? I’m a pleasant person who is easy to get along with and I enjoy all age groups.

4. The greatest adventure you’ve ever had? Oh I guess, I have to think. That’s hard to say. That’s a very hard one. I dibble and dabble everywhere. Not anymore though. College was a very rich and enjoyable experience.

5. What are you most grateful for? Longevity of live.

6. What do you love about yourself? I’m glad I lived so long to be as healthy as I am. I guess the next thing I’ll buy after those shoes is a walking stick. I’ll put on my jeans and walk around. Erinn [great grandson] told me not to wear my jeans on the front porch. I said why? He never says why he just says granny please don’t wear those on the front porch. Are they ugly granny? What do they look like?  Like jeans! I don’t know they come mid calf. I wash them and put them back on. I just have that one pair.

7. Do you have a personal motto? No, I sure don’t.

8. What are you beginning to discover? That all the different changes in life are interesting. It’s good to live this long you know? I get to see everything. My ideas about life have really changed.

9. What memory would you like to relive? When I was young and my mama and daddy were living. My daddy always had a garden so we were never hungry. I miss them.

That’s it granny. Okay that’s fine because I have to run my bath. I hate I disappointed Debora with that appointment, but I guess I’ll go get some shoes before your mom worries me to death about it. Where were you when I called yesterday? I was on the phone with Keller. Is she getting ready for the wedding? Yes. Lawd have mercy. Well I’ll go run my bath. I’ve seen all the shows. They just showed Whoopi on there. She’ll say anything.Oh The View? Yea, now I do like Rosie O’Donnell. I guess they’ll get along for a month or two. I liked Elizabeth, but they treated her poorly so she went to Fox. You liked her? Yea. She was cute, very cute. And well dressed. They never listened to her ideas so she’s on with O’Reilly and them.I bet she likes it better over there. Oh I know she does! They were short sighted on The View-the Democrats you know. But you’re not a Republican…Well no, but they have some good ideas.The Democrats do too. I just like ideas.You have to listen to all the ideas. Wait, I have to ask you ten questions, that’s nine. Hold on.

10. What have you always known, deep deep down? Can you rephrase that? What is something you have just always felt certain about? My faith and my family are always there. Always there.

We sure are! Happy 98th to one of my favorite women.

Note: All questions were taken either directly or in some form from the Live This Day: A Birthday Book of questions and reflections by Neil Gaiman

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ninety Someone: Victoria E. Beck

  1. Robin, this was so special. I loved it. Thank you for sharing this. You are so blessed to have such a grandmother. At 98 years old: “I just like ideas. You have to listen to all the ideas.” WOW! I am so moved and enlightened by that.

  2. We are truly blessed to have such an intelligent insightful matriarch. She is truly a joy to be around and very very funny! Her biggest issue was going to eat twice in one day, she didn’t want to be ‘full up to her neck’! So we combined the event into one meal! Everyday is an adventure and we never see the same day twice. God Bless her and our family.

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