Letter from the Blogger: October

Excuse my French, but do y’all ever have those days (weeks, months, years) where you think I really need to get my shit together? I think this a lot and say it aloud even more. Maybe I was partying too hard on a Saturday. I’ll wake up Sunday at 2:00p.m. and think man I need to get my shit together. Maybe I’m swamped at work. There goes that thought again. If only my shit was together! Or perhaps I leave the mall knowing I needed that new dress like I need a hole in my head. I should really get my shit together.

My friend Camy once asked me, “Does anyone have their shit together though? What does ‘shit together’ even look like?” It was the blind leading the blind. I wish we would have listened to Oprah years ago. After all, if anyone knows what together looks like, it’s her.


On Saturday, I attended Oprah’s Live Your Best Life Weekend Tour and as the name suggests I had the privilege of listening to her talk about her life-her best, and only one. She made us divide a circle into slices. The circle was my life and the slices were the things that were important (family, friends, religion, romance, finances, hobbies, contribution to the world, etc. The assignment was to first divide the circle into slices and to then put a smiley face in each slice. Happy faces meant you liked that part of your life, sad faces meant you didn’t and neutral faces meant you could do better. You had to write your life as it was, not as you want it to be. The majority of my faces were neutral.

Oprah then said, “Think about the size of your slices. What was the biggest slice and are you happy with it?” Some people had work as half of their life, but unhappy faces. Others had finances as a large slice, but then friends and hobbies were a tiny sliver. Something to think about. I encourage you to try this life exercise. It’s super simple, but it made me think about my priorities. Oprah ended with, “What does your best life look like to you? If you suddenly got a lot of money, do you know how you would spend it? How much is enough to you? Do you make time for spiritual or religious wellness? Do you know what you want out of life? Think about this circle, this life of yours! You are the author of your life. Write your story. Life is working for you and it can be anything you want it to be. Your only job is to know what you’ve been called to do. You have to answer that call when you hear it. Life will work for you, but you have to work for life. Understand that and let it carry you.”

Thank you Oprah.

I’m getting my shit together in October.


*Note: Mom, sorry for all the cursing. I wanted to use the word stuff, but it didn’t work the same.

** I will upload a blank version of the exercise by the end of today.

One thought on “Letter from the Blogger: October

  1. You and your Granny have such enlightening conversations. And your descriptions are so vivid. I can see and hear her responding with that Victoria look. Your descriptive verbiage need a blanket apology but stuff would not have it justice…lmao while I am quickly Heading to bed.

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